Freiburg’s Battle for Europe: Christian Streiche hides the table – football

Coach Christian Streiche of Freiburg doesn’t want to waste any more thoughts on setting the table in the final race of the Bundesliga season. That makes him nervous, the 56-year-old said.

“The starting position looks good,” Freiburg coach Christian Streiche said before the match at home to Union Berlin on Thursday. Dealing with it before the match makes me nervous. You don’t have anything and you talk about things that are supposed to be easy. These are things that lead you in the wrong way. I want to be nervous, I want to be calm.”

Despite being fourth in the table and entering the Champions League, he didn’t notice any changes in his team either. With a draw on Saturday (3.30pm), the Europa League will at least have already been fixed. “What do I care about any fantasies,” Streiche explained, “then they go the other way.”

You can’t imagine how bad the mood I get when I visualize something that works and then doesn’t. I don’t want to confront others with this.

In addition, his team with Al-Ittihad “has a big, thick board to drill,” the longest-serving coach in the league said: “It’s very difficult to play on your discipline and system against the ball.” However, Freiburg is unbeaten in four matches and has scored at least three goals in each of his last four matches, including the DFB Cup against HSV.

Freiburg coach slams busy schedule: ‘Absolute insanity’

Regarding defender Matthias Ginter’s return to SC, Streische has criticized the busy schedule of professional football – especially for players with international assignments. “60 to 70 competitive matches in one season is very crazy,” said the Freiburg football coach. You can also see it in Ginter. Recently “I noticed that he was tired, that things were difficult for him,” the sports club’s coach said of the 28-year-old. “We have to see that he is fit again, mentally and physically.”

Streich is “very happy” with Ginter’s return, but does not see him as a replacement for Nico Schlutterbeek, who will move to Borussia Dortmund after the season. One is left-footed and the other is right-footed and they are two very different types. “Nico is a smart and happy person, he has done us a lot of good,” the coach explained. He is sure Schlotterbeck “is going to be ripped off in the last few games, and that we’ll have the maximum success”.


Matthias Ginter returns to the local club Freiburg. The fact that Breezgauers have managed to sign the current Germany international has a new dimension for SWR sports reporter Kirsten Eichhorn.

Streiss expects midfielder Jannick Haberer to leave

Midfielder Yannick Haberer is likely to leave Freiburg at the end of the season. “It appears – yet to be confirmed – that Yannick is likely to leave the club and look for a new challenge,” said Streische. “That’s good. He played here for many years. He gave us our full support and we gave our best for him.” It wasn’t “always easy” for a player whose contract had expired.

Haberer has been playing for Freiburg since 2016. Since then, he has been repeatedly attacked with injuries, but in the meantime he has been toying with the idea of ​​a change. In the current Bundesliga season, he played 25 matches for Baden. Supreme Committee sporting director Yoshin Sayer had already said in March that the club was preparing to bid farewell to the 28-year-old in the summer.

Goldie is back in the team, the season may be over for Shady

While defender Manuel Goldy returns to the squad, Kevin Shady’s season may already be over due to an abdominal muscle injury. The national under-21 player, who went missing two months ago, may face surgery.

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