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Not a musician, but a dancer as resident artist – this year’s FolkBaltica Festival dares to try this. Hallgrim Hansegård comes from the tradition of Halling – a Norwegian folk dance from his area near Jotunheimen.

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Now he’s almost here – the man whose trademark has become the sporty jump with his foot to kick a hat off an overhead pole. Of course, that choreographic component shouldn’t be missing at the grand opening ceremony, as Hallgrim Hansegård will dance on Friday in Sonderburg and on Saturday in Husum. The main show will then take place on Thursday next week at the Robbe & Berking shipyard in Flensburg. “In this building we are planning a special show with musicians and dancers from the band Frikar. Percussionist Thierry Isungest will compose the music. We are looking for dance and instruments that were used perhaps 1,000, 2,000 or 3,000 years ago. But we are trying to develop new forms of sound and movement, such as drums And rocks and wood, and ways of letting the soul sing in the body.” Harald Haugaard, Folkbaltica’s Technical Director, is already looking forward to this treatment. “This show also got a title – gandr. It will be a physical journey from darkness to light.”

34 concerts in Folk Baltica – that’s a new record

With the wide stage lighting, technicians face special challenges this time. 34 concerts in 30 locations from Kiel to Abenrad – this is a new record. Haugaard is especially looking forward to a new look: the “Salon Concert” at Augustenborg Castle in Denmark with “Milla’s Nordic Lights,” four women from Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. A big name will also appear from the German singer-songwriter scene: Gisbert zu Knyphausen, who will translate Schubert’s songs with pianist Kai Schumacher.

Cooperation with the Eurovision Song Contest

Even the Eurovision Song Contest, not to be confused with the Eurovision Song Contest, entered the FolkBaltica programme. The fact that they both work at the same time is actually a coincidence. Variation: The Eurovision Song Contest with two events on Wednesday and Friday next week in Tonder revolve around regional and European minority languages ​​such as Frisian, Catalan or Low German. “And we also have a collaboration there: concerts with the Tüdelband group, a low German duo. They participate in the song competition and also in the rest of the Folk-Baltica program. That means: they will also be here in Flensburg for the last concert and two more are also having concerts. And we know that. From our area, for example Frisian. The Frisian language also includes a lot of Föhr songs. We know this from artists like the Faltings family on Föhr. And there we also focus on it: we have three concerts on the island with music from the Wadden Sea islands in Fano and Romo And Fuhr”.

Tickets are still available for all Folk Baltica concerts. However, for the little ones, it will be cramped.

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