ESC 2022: All current information about the Eurovision Song Contest

Eurovision Song Contest
Ukrainian participants of the Kalush Orchestra in a “special mission”

The Eurovision Song Contest 2022 takes place in the shadow of the Ukraine war. Therefore, the Ukrainian “Kalush Orchestra” is on a special mission. All current information about ESC can be found here.

+++ May 5th +++

The Ukrainian representatives at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) see themselves on a “special mission”. A six-piece Kalush orchestra recently traveled from Ukraine that invaded Russia to the Italian city of Turin, where May 14 ESC Final will be held. With the support of National Radio, we got permission to leave the country temporarily. Rapper Ole Bisjok, 27, who is part of the band, explained: “We have a special mission.

The band will compete in this year’s edition of the music competition with the song “Stefania”. According to Sjok, he dedicated the song – a mixture of rap and traditional Ukrainian music – to his mother and wrote it long before the war. The conflict in the home of the Kalush Orchestra made preparations for ESC difficult: “Unfortunately, due to the war, we were unable to meet to rehearse for a long time,” says Psjok.

On May 10, the Kalush Orchestra will perform in the first ESC semi-finals. She has to survive to reach the final on Saturday night. Germany with actor Malik Harris and his song “Rockstars” has already been set. If the bookmakers have their way, the chances of the Kalush Orchestra are good: the Ukrainian contribution is currently in first place and is therefore listed as the best favorite of ESC. “It will be a victory for everyone in Ukraine,” said Psycyuk. At the moment, it is very important that Ukraine win in all respects.

This is how the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 will be held

+++ May 4 +++

How was the German ESC participant doing shortly before his performance?

The Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) will be held for the 66th time on May 14, this time in Turin, Italy. Then Owner Harris needs strong nerves. Because on that day he will be on stage in the evening, in front of millions of TV viewers across Europe. Harris sings his song “Rockstars” for Germany. How’s the young rock star doing now, a little earlier?
“I am always very excited for a few seconds before I go on stage. Until then, I am still very relaxed and looking forward to it,” said the 24-year-old, who lives in the town of Landsberg am Lech, southwest of Munich. He also spent most of his childhood and youth in quiet Bavaria.

So far ESC. “I feel very proud to have been chosen there.” “I can now say that Germany has always been poor and you can only do better.” Plus, he sees the whole thing as less of a competition and more of a “nice get-together”, even if he clearly wants to do his best.

The Kalush Orchestra of Ukraine sang “Stefania” in solidarity with Harris. But the band did not need this: “I heard the song from Ukraine and it is really stable, no matter what, it can also win.” The 24-year-old still wants to give his best. And no matter how it turned out for him, he definitely wants to party and have fun in Turin: “One way or another, it’s going to be a short night.”

Bombs falling in Ukraine and fire fountains scattering in Turin: The Eurovision Song Contest in Italy is likely to be on a tightrope. Oleh Bisuk, the Ukrainian lead singer of the Kalush Philharmonic Orchestra, feels the support of the Ukrainians before his performance.

“They wish us well and say this is very important for Ukraine now,” the singer said. Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. Kalush Orchestra with the song “Stefania”. applicable in Bet shops accordingly as a candidate to win.
However, the direct effects of the war on the band are more real: no member will be on stage in Turin because the man is defending Kyiv as a fighter. How would the band want to comment on the war in their homeland? psyok But it wasn’t revealed until May 10th. The first semi-final will take place that evening, where Ukraine will have to qualify first along with nine other countries.

Germany with candidate Malik Harris and his song “Rockstars”. According to recent public opinion polls, it is not an ESC favorite. However, the fan vote didn’t put Ukraine on top either, it’s a liar Sweden with Cornelia Jacobs Italy accepted last year’s winner with duo Mahmoud and Blanco.

+++ April 22 +++

On May 14, 2022 Eurovision 66 Held in Turin, Italy. 40 countries participate in the competition, which can qualify for a semi-final of the final, where 25 participants compete against each other in the music competition. Germany, hosted by Italy, Britain, France and Spain, automatically qualify for the finals. The first semi-final will take place on Tuesday, May 10 at 9pm, followed two days later by the second semi-final, where 10 nations can qualify for the final on Saturday, May 14.

After Italy’s Måneskin won their last ESC tournament, Italy is now allowed to host the competition this year. The venue this year is the northern Italian city of Turin, which prevailed against 17 other Italian cities, including Rome, Milan and Bologna.

Participants in ESC 2022

The winner of the preliminary round “12 Point Germany”, Malik Harris, will represent Germany. The 24-year-old will sing his winning song “Rockstars” at ESC. Italy enters singers Mahmoud and Blanco in the race with the Italian song “Privedi”, Great Britain Sam Ryder with “Spaceman”. Singer Chanel will represent Spain with the song “Slomo”, and France in the ESC will be represented by Alvin Wahes with the song “Volin”. All participants in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest can be found here.

Last year’s winners of the Eurovision Song Contest

Italian band Måneskin won last year with their song “Zitti e buoni”. In 2020, the event was canceled due to the Corona pandemic that was spreading around the world. Prior to that, Duncan Lawrence won the Netherlands title with “Arcade” in Lisbon. ESC 2021 was also organized there.
In 2018, Neta won the “Toy” award for Israel, in 2017 Salvador Sobral won the song Amar pelos dois for Portugal, and in 2016 she won the singer Jamala with the 1944 for Ukraine.

The last time Lena won Germany with ‘Satellite’ was in 2010. This was the second victory for Germany after Nicole won her first in 1982 with ‘A Little Peace’ in Harrogate, UK. You can find more about the previous ESC winners in the photo gallery.

Here is the information link: These are the 40 participants in ESC 2022


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