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The traffic light decided the relief package for 2022. This is the government’s reaction to the effects of the Ukraine war. Families benefit from the child reward.

Update from April 27, 2022, 12:41 PM: 2022 relief package in progress: At a cabinet meeting, the federal government decided on planned aid measures to offset rising energy costs. Among other things, the politicians agreed on a flat €300 energy price, a fuel discount, a Hartz IV subsidy and a €100 child benefit bonus, which parents must receive once for each child. The multi-billion dollar relief package aims to provide support to citizens in the midst of the Ukraine war.

Child benefit bonus: Cabinet turns to relief package for 2022 – €100 can be paid one time

BERLIN – The cost of living was high even before the Ukraine war led by Russian President Vladimir Putin. Families with many children, but also recipients of social benefits such as Hartz IV, faced a precarious situation. Meanwhile, energy and fuel prices have skyrocketed. The Traffic Light Alliance is reacting to this with its 2022 relief package, which includes a child bonus, among other things. But what is all this and when will the money be paid at all?

Child bonus set: Traffic light delivers relief package 2022 – families receive one payment of €100 per child

In order to financially support the families, the child bonus goes through the relief package decided by the politicians. In addition to the child benefit, a one-time payment of €100 per child must be made by the Family Benefits Office. As with payments in the Corona years 2020 and 2021, the child benefit will be offset against the child allowance.

In response to rising energy prices and rising fuel costs, the traffic light has passed its 2022 relief package. One point is the Child Bonus, which gives families a one-time payment of €100 per child. (compilation kreiszeitung.de) © Micha Klootwijk / imago / Marcel Kusch / dpa

This means that high-income earners hardly or at all benefit from this measure through the subsidy package provided by the Social Democratic Party, the KDP, and the Greens. The situation is different with social benefits recipients, who receive an additional one-time payment of €100 in addition to the €100 support already set. In the 2022 relief package, this also applies to Hartz IV recipients, for example.

Child allowance and child benefit in Germany: All parents in Germany are entitled to payments

As early as January 2023, the standard requirements should be increased within reasonable limits due to the price increase. However, consumer rights advocates have already criticized that financial assistance in the form of a relief package will not be enough. Because people who already have little money at their disposal will not be able to make do with one-time payments.

But what about rewarding the child? First of all, in principle, all parents in Germany are entitled to monthly installments. Child Benefit * is intended to support mothers and fathers in covering the costs of clothing or food for their children. It does not matter if the child is your child. Adopted children, and sometimes adopted children, also receive this amount.

Corona bonus for children was paid in 2020 and 2021 – and now the child bonus comes in the 2022 relief package as a response to the increase in energy prices

Due to the Corona pandemic, an additional bonus was passed only to children in 2020. For each child, the legal guardians received a single payment of 300 euros. In 2021, this booster amount, the other child bonus, was approved by politicians. However, this was only 150 euros per child.

According to “inFranken.de”, the child bonus related to Corona will be canceled in 2022. Instead, on Friday, March 25, 2022, the one-time bonus is set as part of the relief package. It is still not clear when the child bonus will eventually be paid in the manner described.

Relief Package 2022: Traffic Light Coalition Decides to Help Consumers – Fixed Energy Prices and 9 Tickets for 90 on Buses and Trains

Aside from rewarding the child, the leaders of the ruling parties have also decided on other measures as part of their relief package. As a direct response to higher energy prices, a flat energy price allowance of 300 euros was passed to consumers. In 2022, this should be a one-off payment via income tax. The flat rate energy rate will likely be introduced in June and will benefit all employees in Germany.

In addition, the Traffic Light Alliance plans to introduce a ticket for nine euros per month on buses and trains for 90 days. A special feature of local public transport (ÖPNV), for which the federal states must receive appropriate funds.

Finance Minister Christian Lindner (FDP) decides to discount the tank – Hartz IV recipients receive a one-time payment of an additional €100

However, these are by no means all the points included in the relief package apart from the child bonus. In addition, there is the fuel discount promoted by Finance Minister Christian Lindner (FDP). In this way, the traffic light reacts to current developments by lowering the energy tax on fuel. The fuel price of gasoline will be reduced by 30 cents and the liter price of diesel by 14 cents. A possible start date for the tank discount as the fuel price brake for diesel and gasoline was also considered by Lindner.

On the other hand, as mentioned at the beginning, the traffic light also included Hartz IV recipients and social assistance in its relief package. Once you will get an additional 100 euros. It is not yet known when this additional money will be paid out to the standard Hartz IV rate.

After the 2022 relief package during Corona: the Omicron variant spreads at breakneck speed

Through the relief package and associated measures such as a child bonus, the Traffic Lights Alliance is reacting to current developments. However, we should not forget that the Corona virus continues to place an enormous burden on society.

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) is reporting new spikes in the number of coronavirus infections almost every day. This is mainly due to the rapid spread of the Omicron variant. To make matters worse, it is not always clear what symptoms are actually present with an oomicron infection. The situation is even more severe with omicron subtype BA.2 and its symptoms, about which not much science is known, while new omicron symptoms after corona infection cause an unpleasant sensation.

Mask requirements in stores and supermarkets: Will the Corona rule not apply in Aldi, Edeka, Lidl and Rewe after April 2, 2022?

However, mask requirements at retail may be waived. In supermarkets and discount stores like Aldi, Edeka, Lidl or Rewe, the Corona rule will definitely apply until April 2, 2022. But then what? Countries can decide independently and extend mask requirements. The same applies to shop operators who can take advantage of their housing rights.

However, if the conditional remains the same, mask requirements lapse everywhere in retail – and therefore also in discount and department stores. So it’s time to make a decision. This has already been done by the Traffic Light Coalition in connection with the 2022 relief package. Measures such as a child bonus or a fuel discount are proof of this.

It seems that the financial aspect has been taken into account for now. Now, however, health should be no less important. After all, hundreds of people die of corona every day – in Germany alone. * kreiszeitung.de is an offer by IPPEN.MEDIA.

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