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In the third final of the “Best Five Series” of the German Volleyball Championship, the Allianz MTV Stuttgart women’s lost 2:3 to SC Potsdam. Another defeat at home puts Stuttgart under pressure to win in Potsdam on Friday.

The disappointment of the volleyball players in the blue jersey was palpable. Once again, Stuttgart failed to beat SC Potsdam at home. MTV lost 2:3 and fell 1:2 after the wins. On Friday (8pm) ladies from Potsdam can explain everything else with success in front of their audience. Stuttgart is doomed to win in order to preserve their chance of winning the title.

Opponents fear Potsdam

The Stuttgart Women have already lost twice this season with a score of 0:3 against the Potsdam Ladies in front of their home fans at Sharena. Once in the points round, then surprisingly last week the first final. And this time? Stuttgart started in the first group with a strong service streak to quickly advance 3-0. A stopping point and two powerful attacking strikes from top scorer Krystal Rivers delighted the crowd. Apropos: It was a great atmosphere from the first serve. 2,251 fans, and for the first time this season, the entire MTV home arena has been sold out.

The first sentence is eerily weak from Stuttgart

All is well? Scheduled. MTV’s brilliant start was soon used up, and the Potsdam women got into the game and led 8:6, 12:9 and 14:10. The first round was increasingly difficult for Stuttgart. Simone Lee, the second American after Crystal Rivers, has struggled with several missed offensive balls. Bad memories of the first final in Swabian woke up, while Potsdam steadily boosted its lead with its versatility and good work to 19:12. After 20 minutes, the semi-soft guests turned the first of the nine (!) balls into a clear 25:15. Sober for the shockingly frail woman from Stuttgart.

The second round, with the victory of Stuttgart

Second sentence, new luck for MTV? Not at first. This time Potsdam started with a difference of 3:1. Immediately afterwards the opposite picture of the first round appears. Now Stuttgart hit everything suddenly. Tore Aleksandersen finally adapted to the guest game, gained increased self-confidence and security on 6:3, 13:6 and 16:8, and thus also acted more aggressively in the serve. Simone Lee also found her way to her usual effectiveness with her powerful attacks during this phase. The “most beautiful sport in Stuttgart” could not now be stopped. With 25:14, MTV managed to equalize the group 1:1.

Stuttgart messes with the third set

The third group was perfectly balanced and exciting. 6:6, 8:8, 10:10, 12:12, 15:15, Potsdam cannot be eliminated. Suddenly the thread broke again with the Stuttgart women. Potsdam missed the score until 20:15 and won the third round with 25:21. The Surprise Collection presents 2:1 “Fear Opponents” for Stuttgart.

A difficult equalizer to make the score 2-2

MTV is under pressure. Round 4 was also very hotly contested, with Stuttgart managing to withdraw by 14:10. In an intense show of strength, MTV brought the fourth set home with 25:22 with a 22:22. Set the tie to 2:2 – so the tiebreak had to decide.

Stuttgart women disappointed in the tiebreak

The women from Stuttgart had nothing to add here. Potsdam dominated the fifth round, winning by 15:9 and thus match 3:2. The second home defeat to MTV, which was shockingly weak at times, in this series of finals. Superstars Crystal Rivers and Simon Lee were also unable to put any decisive accents in the attacking match against the well-organised Potsdam Ladies.

Stuttgart must win in Potsdam on Friday to force a fifth final on Sunday in front of their home fans.

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