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Four years before his Marvel hit ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ and eleven years before his DC voyage ‘The Suicide Squad’, James Gunn launched his momentum in the superhero game genre – and he’s never gone stronger than here …


Before James Gunn shattered the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Guardians Of The Galaxy…so far Before James Gunn brings a sense of accomplishment to a group of morally questionable misfits in the DC Universe with The Suicide Squad And in “Peacemaker” in a bloody, ridiculous way, we wondered about the idea of ​​taking the law into your own hands… Above all it was “Super – Shut Up, Crime!”.

Low-budget comedy shows the darkest blackness of James Jean at its most brutal (FSK’s 18-year version has its reasons.) She constantly agrees with the idea of ​​​​superheroes. While the movie has fallen apart compared to the movie “Kick-Ass” with the same theme, Gunn’s career trajectory makes it highly worth looking into. If you finally want to watch “Super” (again), you can currently find dramatic superhero billing raw on Amazon Prime Video, among other places.

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that is great”

Harmless and slightly filmmaker Frank Darbo (Ryan Wilson) loses his beloved wife Sarah (Liv Tyler) to strip club owner and con artist Jack (Kevin Bacon). Frank falls into depression and fears that one day a character from the Christian TV show (Nathan Fillion) will talk to him and encourage him to become a superhero.

So Frank created his alter ego, Lightning Red Blood. Under this name he becomes the masked avenger who brutally beats up rude people, drug dealers and pedophiles. While the media portrays Blood Red Flash as a psychopath, a comic book fan wants Libby (Elliott Page) to become his friend Polti – and also helps him in other situations…

James Jean, Pre-Marvel

Before he gravitated to the mainstream, author and director James Gunn was fishing in much weirder, decidedly tasteless worlds: He started at production company Troma, which specializes in shock humor and horror junk, and later was in charge of tongue-in-cheek, no-taste. His b-horror/fantasy-fi salute is “slither.” These same assets are a constant feature of ‘Super’ – so before Gunn made any real comic book adaptations, he was turning away Peggy dismantling of the superhero genre Outside…

Frank Darbo is not a dark knight, he’s not even a thief baron with his heart in the right place. He is a knight with a sad, grumpy look who wants to call the police because his wife left him. He creates his alter ego not to achieve justice, but primarily to gain power in the end. As the Vermilion Flash, he instantly became an exact aggressor Hitting someone’s skull with a wrenchbecause he pushes himself into a waiting list.

FilmStarts ‘Super’ review

‘Kick-Ass’ is really about the fact that understanding justice from the comics has nothing to do with real life, but it is “Super” is “Kick-Ass”‘s depressed brother with a hateful acting: Frank is as clumsy as he is unnecessarily brutal. He has visions of distorted demons and porn horror. And the TV bible that inspires him gets a look from James Gunn that looks a lot like a porn parody (which Gunn was also working on before the web series went mainstream).

Thanks to Rainn Wilson’s comedic timing, Elliot Page’s hyperbolic performance as a morally clueless thrill junkie, and James Gunn’s ability to constantly switch tunes for raw comedic effect, “Awesome” is Really bad fun: Sometimes silly, sometimes incredibly mean, then silly, then downright hateful, Super struggles through the melancholy existence of a man who should seek emotional support rather than revenge. What’s the best way to unlock Masked Avengers?

Cornerstone Gala by James Gunn

But “Superhero” is more than a cruel and brutal deconstruction of superheroes. Then Beneath the nasty surface of this film a sensitive heart beats Including the irrepressible love of bitterly held comics: Gann came to the conclusion that comics should remain fiction. However, it has also shown that creating and liking bubble stories can have a calming, if not therapeutic, effect.

Now, twelve years after the world premiere of “Super,” this is more poignant than it was then: Gunn describes his childhood as very difficult and explains his years at Troma as an early attempt to build a protective shell through disgust, shock, and horror. Gunn reconnected with his sensitive side with the first two Guardians Of The Galaxy films, about a deeply mischievous group of outcasts who think they are cruel dogs before their soft core is discovered. But then, as is known, there was a break between him and Marvel, which was widely discussed in the media (and at the same time again solidified).

Gunn was accused of jokes from the shocking age of humor, and Disney’s top decision makers were forced to resign (revised again). The director and writer got into trouble and managed to make his way out of DC The Suicide Squad — which, fittingly, is about proving the bad guys that they can do a better job. At the same time, Gunn has approached his main character “Super”, who is learning to overcome her massive self-doubt with comic book stories, on at least one level.

Marvel & DC united: This is how James Gunn made sure the comic book giants work together

But even without that backstory, “Super” is recognizable as the prequel to Gunn’s later directed. So the opening credits are a big animated dance party — in the previous Guardians of the Galaxy and Peacemaker films, we also see characters dancing through the opening credits. The eruptions of violence in “The Suicide Squad” must return. In the “Guardians Of The Galaxy” films, Star-Lord, played by Chris Pratt as Frank Darbo, resorts to cocky behavior to hide his weaknesses.

“Super” lacks the strong color realms of Gunn’s later films, and because of its low budget, it’s a lot more unpolished than its Marvel and DC franchises. However, ‘Super’ isn’t just super super fun, it is An unfiltered look inside the mind of Marvel and a DC geniusWhich gets more and more amazing with time.

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