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Music and art in one show – currently can be experienced at Kulturwerft Gollan. The Lubeck Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra plays classical pieces and two Japanese painters put music and their feelings on paper.

by Linda Egger

The interior shone in very different colors on Tuesday evening Golan Cultural Shipyard. Light projections changed it, to suit the music. Debussy bathed the room in calm blue or yellow. When the Lubeck Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra played Igor Stravinsky “Firebird”, the light suddenly turned dangerously red. Japanese artists Misaki Oshi and Yuka Shinozaki also paid attention to these musical changes.

“It’s as if the beginning is the music. That moment before the image is created – from this moment the image is created. It’s almost as if you start before a track. You have this stillness and from this stillness comes the music,” Yuka Shinozaki explains.

While the Lubeck Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra plays works by Debussy, Stravinsky, and Mahler, the two Japanese artists paint on another stage beside the audience. Misaki Uchi paints with her hands, various brushes, a broom and even a fan.

After the concert, Misaki Oshii himself was surprised by the result on paper: “It’s always a surprise that happens. You are so immersed in this lively painting that you don’t even know what picture will appear at the end of the day the picture is in. And that surprises me too.”

Visitors also draw on music

The project is called “SoundColours” – it allows to combine with each other the tones of the orchestra, the art on screen and the audience. Because guests can also draw during the performance and be inspired by the music. In the beginning there is a piece of paper and pens for everyone. Great experience of eleventh grader Paulina: “I think the higher tones were a little thinner and the ones a little thicker. I liked it very much, I was very emotional. I was very calm, and then there was a volcano inside me that somehow erupted.”

Steiner and Shinozaki developed the concept

Shinozaki developed the performance concept with Austrian musician Sophie Steiner. She explains what’s important: “On the one hand, of course, it’s the colors themselves that you choose to suit the mood. But it also has a lot to do with movement, with how fast I paint, and in what way I can capture those dynamics, to transform this agogic from an orchestral piece to a painting. It’s about a lot. By movement, and of course also about the colors themselves that you choose and also the way I paint, which brush I use.”

Dantscher Leader: Introducing Classical Music to People

For conductor and musical director of the Lübeck Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra, Emmanuel Dancher, this form of performance, combining music and painting, can introduce people to classical music. “Maybe there are people for whom classical music is new. They find an approach to themselves through an element like that with colors and palette. Next time they might say, ‘I heard this, I tried it, it was great.’ Next time they go to a concert And they may hear it without a live drawing, the world will still appear before their eyes,” Dantscher hopes.

Music inspires live painting color play

Sophie Steiner explains that there are no specifications on how to draw audiences or music-trained illustrators—just allow yourself to be guided. “If, say, the orchestra plays an escalation and it reaches a climax, then you can see this very large brush dance across the entire screen. That dance, the playing of colors that comes from music to live painting and where through movement, through that powerful expression For color, we can see the music again,” Steiner says.

The SoundColours project with the Lübeck Chamber Philharmonic and Japanese painters will take place again Wednesday evening at 7:30 p.m. at the Gollan Culture Shipyard in Lübeck. Tickets are available at the box office.

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