Scherer Sport is ready for a big 24 hour rehearsal

It’s the last chance to prepare for the season’s highlight at the Nürburgring-Nordschleife: Shearer Sport is using the ADAC 24 Hours of Nurburgring qualifying next weekend (6-8 May) as rehearsals for the 24-hour race in three weeks. In two 3-hour races, three Audi R8 LMS GT3 evo II cars begin once again in the stunning Scherer Sport design.

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The qualifying races, formerly known as qualifying races, not only got a new name this year but also got a new three-day format for the first time. From Friday to Sunday, there are two separately ranked 3-hour races and two top qualifying sessions. The first race will take place on Saturday evening from 6:30 pm and leads into dusk, and the second race will start on Sunday at 2:00 pm. All in all, fans, drivers and teams can look forward to the 11 hours of track time.

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Scherer brand ambassadors Ricardo Feller (21/Switzerland), Frank Stippler (47/Bad Münstereifel) and Vincent Kolb (26/Frankfurt) will be driving Audi with the number 5 start for Scherer Sport by Phoenix this weekend. “We will use the weekend to prepare more for the 24 Hours,” says Ricardo Feller. “It is important that we find an environment that all drivers can handle well in the 24-hour race. This is an important prerequisite to being ahead. Saturday’s race goes into the dark, and it will be something very special for me because I have never driven my Nordschleife in the dark before. “.

Photo: L Rodrigues

The second car from Scherer Sport by Phoenix (#16) will be used in qualifying by quartet Michel Beretta (27/I), Kupa Jermaziak (31/Poland), Kim-Louis Schramm (24/Ilmenau) and Marcus Winkelhoek (41/Berglen-Steinach) Try it out. Three drivers will start each of the two 3-hour races: Jermaziak/Schram/Winkelhawk on Saturday and Beretta/Jermaziak/Schram on Sunday. “I think the new look is good,” says Kim-Luis Schramm. “You have two types of races where you can try different things. In addition, you have another opportunity to cover important kilometers on Sunday if you do not reach the finish on Saturday. We will use the weekend to practice and get used to all the processes, because for the first time we will have a full lineup of Four drivers there.”

Another Audi R8 LMS GT3 evo II will be entered by Audi Sport Team Phoenix powered by Scherer Sport in qualifying. This car from Audi Sport Customer Racing (start #15) is driven by Kelvin van der Linde, Dries Vanthur (24 / Belgium) and Frédéric Vervich (35 / Belgium). “I am delighted to be able to compete in Shearer’s colors for the first time this year at the height of the season,” said Kelvin van der Linde. “The qualifying race is again important to the preparation, especially to prepare the cars as best as possible for the 24 Hours race and to get in the mood for the teammates. It’s great to have the fans there again this year. You’ve really missed it the last couple of years.”

Company President Christian Scherer He says: “The big race is approaching. There are only three weeks left to start and the expectation is already very high. With qualifying we are completing preparations for the 24 Hours race. The weekend is a big rehearsal to highlight the season and therefore very important. This year, the evo version will be used. II from the Audi R8 LMS GT3 for the first time. So the weekend is also about giving all drivers plenty of time in the car.”

Photo: L Rodrigues

Moreover Team Leader Ernst Moser, Who has already won the 24-hour race five times, knows how important qualifying is: “The weekend is not only the last chance to prepare for the 24-hour race on the track, it’s also perfect for preparing the team for the event to split and weld together. If all goes well, That’s very psychologically important for the 24 hour race. Our goal is to secure places in the top 30 qualifying for the 24 hour race with all three cars early. Because then we get the coveted blue lights, which is a real advantage in the race when we roll. I think we’re in Good positioning for qualifying with all three cars and ultimately we want to finish the race as front as possible in both races.”

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