Live music in Schorndorf: “Ziegeleisee Live – Kultur am See” begins on May 6 – Schorndorf

“We found the courage to carry out our plans,” says Jürgen Doppler. His marketing and communications agency developed the cultural concept “Ziegeleisee live” eight years ago. “In December, our pool operations manager, Jorg Bay, and I got together and decided: We’ll do it again.”

Eight years of “Ziegeleisee live – Kultur am See” averaging 18 bands from the beginning of May to mid-September – that was a proud balance until Corona suddenly interrupted the success – and according to the famous Doppler and appreciated by Schorndorfers – the 2020 series of events. The ad man admits: “It was tough” he recalls: “By the end of 2019 we had already finished planning for 2020, the bands were booked. Then we had to stop everything in March 2020. “Everyone postponed until 2021, no one knew how Everything will evolve. “Of course, we also planned a bit naively for 2021.” There was nothing that could be done there either.

Attractive atmosphere with splash in the background

It is a pleasure for everyone to be able to make a fresh start after a forced break of two years and hold the event again. In recent years, this event has established itself in the Schorndorf calendar. He didn’t say, “Where are we going on Friday?” But: “See you in Ziegeleiseebad?” It was intentionally meant to be a “non-swimmers” event – in a “nice, relaxing feel – good sunset atmosphere with live music”. Every Friday evening from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM in the outdoor pool area. It was a very special and inviting atmosphere with music, in the mood of the evening, with a delicious drink and the ripple of water in the background, says Jörg Bey and Jürgen Doppler. There will be no limit to the number of visitors.

“There is enough space and everything can be well distributed,” says Jörg Bey. Those who want to dance prefer to stay in front of the stage. Others who want to enjoy a Spritzer or a cocktail have enough seats. “Some are likely to sit on the edge of the pool with their drink and put their feet in the water,” Jürgen Doppler says from experience of the past few years.

Bay: “In terms of bands, there’s no limit.” Of course, there were many teams in the queue that you had to call. “There are some repeat offenders who always enjoy performing at this event.”

New this year: “In June, we have two evenings with the legendary DJ Remstal on the show for the first time,” it was announced. It’s not live music in that sense, but “the DJs live there and make their music recordings.” All bands and DJs play without fees even after Corona – which is the only reason why the series of events is possible with free admission.

Start with “September”

The September band will begin its activities on the first evening of May 6th. Doppler: That’s something special, a pearl so to speak. The right band for this Welcome Back Party. For more than four decades, September has developed their own style of jazz, afro, Latin, and rock, carried by playfulness, spontaneity and musical exchange; A very special acoustic realm of Afro-Cuban, Brazilian and rock elements, masterfully played, in musical exchange with each other and with the audience.

With “Newland” the quintet just made their ninth recording. With Andreas Pastorek, a student at Dom am Romau, the “famous fusion rockers” have counted The Heir of Weather Report among their number since 1982. The live and studio musician, already referred to by the press as “Percussion Paganini”, embodies a specific blend of jazz and rock and Latin, because he has already worked with such international stars as Roger Chapman, Billy Cobham and Carlos Santana.

Now there is only one thing left to hope for: the weather gods will cooperate. In the event of rain, the event will be canceled without replacement. This is then quickly communicated via social media.

Jörg Bay will monitor the weather forecast: “If it wasn’t clear in advance that the weather would be bad on Fridays, we set ourselves a time limit of 12 noon on Friday. If the evening weather forecast showed rain, we would cancel the event in a short time.”

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