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Emil Forsberg has lived in Leipzig for seven years. The talented technician wants to advance his career in the RB team with a title. He appears to have the gene for landmarks.

A sold-out Ibrox cauldron, a dream of a first European Cup final and a Scandinavian trump card – RB Leipzig hopes for the next magical night in Glasgow.

After reaching the finals in German FA Cup A ticket for the final season of the Europa League in Seville must be booked with the Rangers – a stage dedicated to Emil Forsberg. The Swedish national player is the man who spends the special moments with the runner-up and wants to finally complete his journey from shy newcomer in the second division to the title winner.

“The fact that we are back in the cup final and have a chance to reach the final in Seville is definitely a highlight of my career,” said Forsberg of the German news agency DPA. “Now there is only one title missing.” He had already emphasized his ambitions: “We have plans. We want to win big things.” Under coach Domenico Tedesco, the 30-year-old hasn’t always been in the starting line-up, but he is there for the important moments. The semi-final return leg in front of 50,000 spectators in West Glasgow is one of them. “It doesn’t matter if it’s off the bench or straight from the start. If I was responsible for the defining moment, I would sign it here and now. Immediately.”

Leipzig entered the match on Thursday with a narrow 1-0 lead over the first match. Most recently, Forsberg shot the Saxons against Union Berlin in the cup final, a year earlier he had done the same feat in Bremen.

Forsberg is possible in the starting line-up

It is not inconceivable that Forsberg slips into the starting line-up at Ibrox after the team’s bloodless performance at 1:3 in Gladbach on Monday night. “We’re going to change something, also in terms of people,” Tedesco declared. After an impressive second half of the season so far, the coach is suddenly feeling the pressure. After the last two defeats in a row, it is no longer possible to win the Champions League on your own. The European League is becoming more and more important.

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And the importance of Forsberg is growing. It’s not just his historic goals, such as the club’s first Champions League win over Monaco and an extra-time goal in the League One Round of 16 against Benfica, that underscore Al Ashqar’s importance at Sundsvall. After a phase of annual thoughts on immigration, Forsberg has now come to the conclusion that it would be a good idea to end his career in Leipzig. “I don’t see myself anywhere else,” Forsberg recently confirmed. “I still wanted to experience a lot with the people here.”

The people of Leipzig have long taken him to their hearts. This is also due to his warm nature when you meet him walking with his wife Shanga, daughter Florence and Golden Retriever Roffe in Clara Zetkin Park. When it comes to Leipzig’s most popular first names for newborns, Emil has been at the forefront of parents’ interest for years.

Tough start under Rangnick

In the winter of 2015, he brought architect Ralph Rangnick Forsberg to Leipzig. At that time, the academy in Cuttawwig was still a construction site, and the team changed hands in containers. It took a little imagination to understand the club’s ambitions. Forsberg found it difficult at first and didn’t always play. A season later, he hit the lead against Karlsruhe and Leipzig, practically cementing his promotion to the Bundesliga. Another one of those important goals.

That may be required again in Glasgow on Thursday. The progress isn’t that great and right-back RB was banned a bit recently after having to play a game every three days in April. “We’re only halfway there and we’ve shown we have character,” Rangers coach Giovanni van Bronckhorst said. This is already at Forsberg.

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