Heartbreaker looking for happiness – Falshot neighborhood

Achim Hermann has published his first novel, which describes his life as an employee of an escort service.

. His autobiographical book ends on a happy note, the novel has a happy ending. a point. She closes the book comfortably. Everything is in order. As for the fairy tale in Will You Stay Forever? Because the happy ending is one of the few twists that has remained a fairy tale. Everything else is correct.

The book describes the life of a man who worked part-time in the escort service for years – also in the Upper Rhine. For a long time, Achim Hermann was just a man of very limited emotional hours. Yet he was looking for only one thing: a happy ending in love. The author’s name is Isabella Anders, but the name is pseudonym. Because it is fiction, its name should not reveal the real author, because Achim Hermann wrote his autobiography himself. The main character of the work is Sven, who – disappointed in love – shows only his superficial side. It is one of the most desirable offers from the escort agency “Ease” and makes the nights an experience for its guests. Even a seemingly harmless night makes him out of balance.

Today, author Achim Hermann lives on Lake Constance and formerly resided in Waldshut on the High Rhine from 1993 to 2003. His novel reveals a great deal of biographical information. The 53-year-old has been working full time for nearly three decades as a Regional Director of Customer Service at Südkurier media company.

But there was this point in his life when Achim Hermann, aka Sven, was one of the most coveted offers from an escort agency in the area — a part-time job as a mischievous boy witch whose romances came too short. The expiration date is over when he wakes up. Looking back, this time the author sees a kind of armor that should protect him from his longings and dreams, and also from his bankruptcy. According to the motto: a better life without intimate ties, without great feelings, but above all without heartbreak.

But that suddenly changed when he was booked for Suse. In the book, Suse is the name of the woman who carries him emotionally beyond the curve. Here the real story is hidden inside the story.

“The novel I started has been in a drawer for years,” says Achim Hermann. When life calmed down with the Corona pandemic, he had plenty of time to think and was also able to finish his book. “Actually, I am Sven,” says Achim Hermann, and his “spiritual striptease,” as he calls it, was not easy for him. That’s why he initially wanted to publish under the pseudonym Isabella Anders. But the enthusiastic and encouraging response from friends and test readers would have convinced him to open the pseudonym.

Have your co-workers not noticed anything about the part-time job? “Maybe there was one or the other rumor,” the author recalls. “Some were also upset when I went to work in my Corvette and later on a Jaguar.” But in the end, this is probably attributable to his passion for beautiful cars.

But back to Suse: in fact, it was Suse’s friend who had reserved the witch Sven – a man for a few hours full of devotion, carelessness, and happiness. Only with Suse changed did she become more than fleeting. So the confrontation between Suse and Achim eventually leads back to the title question: “Are you going to stay forever?” But it was precisely at this point that the biography parted with the author’s longing. Happy ending to the book. And in life?

the book “Will you stay forever?” By Isabella Anders can be purchased or ordered in bookstores. Contains 443 pages and was published by Gmeiner Verlag in 2022. ISBN 978-3-8392-0107-7

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