Fishing for beginners: what you need

  • Who wants to fish? Requires a fishing license
  • One Theoretical exam is mandatory
  • Hunting costs as a hobby Only a few hundred euros

You don’t need much to start fishing: in addition to a fishing license and basic equipment, which can be obtained for around 300 euros, you only need a permit to allow you to fish there, depending on the volume of water. So it’s a fairly accessible hobby.

Why choose fishing as a hobby?

Why is fishing an attractive hobby? It applies to many fishermen For relaxation and as a way to connect with nature feel. You will also gain new knowledge about fish, water quality, and local flora and fauna. In addition, the experience of fishing is more exciting than its reputation, because once you are bitten by a fish Feel the adrenaline in your body.

But it is also worth going fishing from a culinary point of view: self-caught fish can be eaten for lunch Really good taste. In general, the demand for sustainable and regional food is increasing, and you can fish it yourself by obtaining a fishing license. In addition, you can be sure that the fish was raised in a species-appropriate manner.

Where do you get a fishing license?

who – which Fishing law is a matter of individual federal states. Thus, each state has its own regulations regarding hunting testing. The only thing that is uniform is that it is everywhere Written exam required. In some federal states it’s still coming Oral or practical exam added.

For the written exam, it is usually between once and three hoursMost are ready in 15 minutes. Depending on the federal state, this can or should be done in advance preparatory course It is documented where this knowledge is obtained. Then you register for the exam.

The essence of the theory test 50-60 Multiple Choice Questionswhich you must answer. In Hamburg, Lower Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and North Rhine-Westphalia an oral exam is also mandatory, where you have to prove whether you can Humanely kill fish Could you.

The cost of the exam itself will vary Between 15 and 100 eurosIn addition, there may be preparatory course costs, which Between 50 and 150 euros recumbent.

What is the cost of the hobby?

How expensive fishing as a hobby will be depends on how you design it. After the test, you should first get a suitable supplement. This includes Rod, landing net, fish killer, knife, detonator. The price of a reel fishing rod starts from just a few euros, However, good models tend to cost between 50 and 100 euros.

The equipment is of course also directly related to the target thickness and your specific requirements. Rod holders and accessories are also available starting at just a few euros, but good products can also be had up to 150 euros costs.

So a few hundred euros should be planned initially to get the right equipment. If you first want to try if the new hobby is right for you at all, of course you can also use inexpensive equipment first.

Where can you fish?

You can fish in almost all lakes, rivers, and other bodies of water, provided you do so Declaration Fishing is not expressly prohibited. You can search online where hunting is allowed. The appropriate permits can also be purchased online.

To go fishing on your own, you usually need one in addition to the permit Fishing license and fishing fee. The latter can be viewed as a kind of taxes and sums Between 5 and 25 euros in the year.

Make sure that you always carry all the necessary documents with you and that you are really allowed to fish in the respective places. Otherwise, you may face severe penalties.

What hunting clubs or associations are there in Upper, Lower and Middle Franconia?

Here is a selection of fishing clubs and associations from Upper, Lower and Middle Franconia:

Upper Franconia:

Central Franconia:

Lower Franconia:

Conclusion: Whether alone or with like-minded people, fishing is great fun and provides a lot of joy in nature. Even with little start-up capital and after passing your fishing license, you can start right away and fish almost anywhere in Germany.

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