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Othello Hunter walked off the field, shoulders drooped, his head bowed and his eyes blank. His foot ached, and there was plaster on his temple, a reminder of the third game in Munich, when he had four stitches that were sutured and run. Once again, the 36-year-old veteran gave it all, throwing himself after every ball, amazingly submerged, until he drowned three times, which isn’t one of the center’s original assignments. Free.

Bayern Munich’s basketball team lost the decisive fifth game in the Euroleague quarter-final at Barcelona Stadium with a score of 72:81 and was eliminated from the competition. However, their heads were held high as the Catalans, favorites to win the title, were pushed to the limit by a team that fought so passionately and positioned again superbly by coach Andrea Trincheri.

The disappointment was still enormous, not just for Hunter. The veteran is the only one in the Munich squad to have won this title before, in 2019 with CSKA Moscow. This season, at most with a 59:52 win in the fourth game, when the Munich team tied at home to 2:2 in the best of five series, reaching the final four championship seemed possible.

Bayern is again causing big problems for the favorite Barcelona, ​​but its quality prevails after the break

So the pressure in the fifth half was on Barcelona, ​​the team that had amassed enormous financial resources to win the European crown. With players like Nick Calathis, the best passer in Euroleague history. With sports guard Dante Exum, who signed from the NBA in December with the aim of making such comparisons, and playmaker Nicolas Laprovittola one of the safest long-range shooting games in Europe. And of course with Nikola Mirotic, the highest paid professional and perhaps the best in Europe. For players of this type, knockout rounds are part of everyday life in international business, and they are accustomed to delivering exactly in these situations. And Barcelona. Laprovittola was the most accurate pitcher with 26 points, Calathes dominated the match in the second half, Mirotic collected 20 points and started the shift in the second half.

However, the guests stubbornly resisted. The great advantage of a Munich coach is that he gets the most out of his players. He sometimes appears harsh, for example when Trenchery shouts at an actor on the sidelines. Nevertheless, we can hear from the players that the demanding and professional work of the Italian is appreciated, especially since he is successful. Trenchery knows how to set his choice on the opponent, analyze their weaknesses and exploit their strength. Above all, a toxic defense makes Bayern a fearsome opponent, players like Nick Weiler-Papp, Leon Radosevic or Hunter are among the best in the field.

It was almost enough. Unfazed by the expected committed start for the Catalans, Bayern responded to a quick 4:9 drop with a 9:0 dose, and has since defined the match and entered the dressing room with a 37:31 lead. Once again, the outsider countered the opponent’s overwhelming individual quality with passion and group commitment, which impress with their blend of routines and up-and-coming professionals.

Experienced players such as Hunter and Augustin Robbet, 32, Deshaun Thomas, 30, and Vladimir Lucic, 32, are complemented by talented players such as Weller Babe and Eugenin Jaramas, both 26, Andreas Obst, 25, and Zane Marc Sisko, 24. The best shooters were Fyler Babb (10 points), Serbian Grammaz (17), whom Bayern committed to until 2024, and the Indestructible Hunter. Contributed by 18 points – After this performance, coach Trenchery immediately announced that he wanted to prevent the 36-year-old from retiring for another season.

“The best is yet to come for this club,” coach Trencheri said.

But after the end of the first half, the quality of the candidates overcame Bayern Munich. Driven by 7,444 spectators at Palau Blaugrana, Barcelona turned the game around with a time of 29:15 in the third quarter. No matter how big the gap was, Bayern continued to fight relentlessly. “These guys never give up,” managing director Marko Pesic said proudly after the match, he wants to book the Euroleague season as a huge success despite his elimination.

Trenchery sees it similarly, and his mission this season and last season has been to reach the international playoffs. The goal was crossed, both times the Munich team was on the verge of reaching the final tournament – something that no German team had managed to achieve. “The best is yet to come for this club,” said the coach, who is now looking to win the German championship. Internationally, Bayern Munich has done a lot again for the German basketball reputation, and now it’s time to follow up at the national level. And after the cup was eliminated, the tournament was no longer a sure success due to recent efforts and a season that was not round due to Corona and many injuries. Qualifiers start in mid-May.

This should once again lead to a duel with defending champion Alba Berlin. Alba doesn’t have the individual quality of Munich, but it does have a working group. In this case, the pressure falls on Bayern Munich.

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