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Dust cleaning lady

What is great literature? Are these books that are off the line? Or those with uppercase letters? On her way to clean up through the city library Binzburg Ilona begins to talk about her daily work in the high-end cultural sector. Her role is played by Berliner comedian and artist Constance Debus, who wobble wobble between high culture, entertainment literature, children’s books, and current bestsellers through her show, The Dust-Cleaning Lady. On Thursday, May 5th, at 7:30 p.m. in Penzberg, a feather ashtray is stuck. Tickets for €10 are available in advance at the city library.

Three days of jazz

Well Grooving: At the start of our second jazz weekend in Binzburg On Friday, May 6, singer Alexandrina Simeon and her quintet promised “great feelings and attention to detail.” The following day, there will be an interactive panel discussion with composer and bassist Henning Sieverts (3pm) and an evening concert with the trio. simethri in the program. Sieverts, Ronny Graupe (guitar) and Nils Wogram (trombone) use their high level of technical ability to achieve the richness of the tone and “pleasant tone”. The trio plays music to wake you up pink win Sunday May 8 at Jazz Lunch (10 AM). Conclusion this evening Chris Gal Trio With “Great Fresh Jazz, Open, Fun Unlimited” (8pm). Evening party tickets cost €23, for afternoon party €15. Entry to the morning pint is free. It is available at www.kunstzeche.de and at KinoP (Frauenhoferstraße 8), tel. 08856/8020882.

Symmethree: Ronny Graupe, Henning Sieverts, and Nils Wogram (from left).

(Photo: Arlette Olvers)

Teachers party and music school day

faculty members in Wolfrachauser Music school for his concert on Friday, May 6th. The start is in the auditorium of the Music School (Untermarkt 64) at 7 pm, admission is free. The next day, from 12 noon to 3 p.m., interested parties can search the house, talk to teachers, and gain insight into the exercises.

From Wolfratshausen to Benediktbeuern: Manfred Heller (left) and Rainer Krüger at the Concert for the 2020 Music School Staff.

Manfred Heller (left) and Rainer Krueger at the Music School’s 2020 Staff Concert.

(Photo: Hartmut Postges)

Young bands at “The Juice Shop”

Rap and techno music on Friday May 6th at Jirtsrider Advertising for a youth center juice shop. From 6pm onwards, the stage belongs to various works from the area. Also included: BC . runner from gerritsread, AC 46 From Bad Tools and Techno Formation women’s conference. Submission is free.

Eight votes in May

Eight professional singers gathered in Munich last year to revive their enthusiasm for vocal music. voxonans It is the name of the band that will have a Mother’s Day Concert on Sunday 8 May at Sankt Michael Church in Wolfratshausen Give. The compositions range from heart-wrenching songs from the Renaissance to the atmospheric settings of Ave Maria from the romantic period to lively and entertaining songs. swing singersMakeovers,” says the invitation, begins at 6 p.m., admission is free, and donations are required.

From Wolfratshausen to Benediktbeuern: The

Voxonans sing on Mother’s Day.

(Photo: private/oH)

“The Armed Man”

Welsh composer Carl Jenkins dedicated his symphonic choral work “The Armed Man” to the victims of the Kosovo War. Dedicated by Andrea Wiesmann and Iffeldorfer Klangkunstchor “to the victims of all wars and acts of violence”. And on Sunday the eighth of May they attend the Mass of Peace in Ivildorfer Community Center on stage, along with singers from the Detroit Corona Choir, soloists and orchestra. Portions of the Christian liturgy in “The Armed Man” are combined with the Islamic call to prayer, texts from the Hindu Mahabharata, the Jewish tradition of the Books of Moses, and quotes from Rudyard Kipling or Tog Sankeshi, who survived the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. Start at 5 pm. Tickets are available from christa-clauss@t-online.de or tel. 08856/3695.

From Wolfratshausen to Benediktbeuern: Andrea Fessmann directed by Karl Jenkins´

Andrea Weissmann leads Karl Jenkins’ “Armed Man”.

(Photo: Hans Hoche/OH)

flowing borders

to me Cameras Bavaria Four musicians gathered on Sunday, May 8 at the monastery Benediktbeuern Stop by: world-famous guitarist Sigi Schwab, chamber music creator Klaus Humpel (clarinet), and Heiko Jung guitarist and percussionist Ramesh Shotham. Schwab understands the fusion of different styles – jazz, classical, pop, rock. Interacting with clarinetist Humble, new areas of tension appear, which all participants explore with apparent musical curiosity and pleasure. In the tradition of the Camerata Fiorentina, the Bavarian Camerata sees itself as the keeper of the great European music-making traditions, thus repeatedly opening new horizons. Concerts start at 4pm and 7pm; Ticket office opens 30 minutes in advance. Advance tickets are available from the Benediktbeuern monastery store and the Winzerer Library in Tölz and at the Oberland Concerts by calling 08841/90994.

From Wolfratshausen to Benediktbeuern: Sigi Schwab and Ramamesh Shotham made a guest appearance at Baroque Hall ten years ago.

Ten years ago, Sigi Schwab and Ramamesh Shotham made a guest appearance at Baroque Hall.

(Photo: Manfred Neubauer)

The culture in the hostel

After a break of more than two years, culture is also back in the vault Tolzer Gasthaus, in the form of Maxi Pongratz, who will break up the accordion and present his second solo program there on Thursday, May 12. This is called “My Fears” and addresses, among other things, the question of who you actually are – or at least want to be. “Everyone comes from somewhere,” Bongratz explains. “But how is it when the tradition is a village at the foot of the Kovel, crammed between the passion (theater) and Schöhplatten and the tour buses?” Talking about his group Kovlgeshro and collaboration with Micha Acher (Notwist). Start at 8 pm. Tickets are available for €16 in advance at 08041/7929407 or www.gasthaus-toelz.de

From Wolfratshausen to Benediktbeuern: Maxi Pongratz sings about his fears.

Maxi Bongratz sings about his concerns.

(Photo: Special/Oh)

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