Disco Music World Music: “Culture meets Social” – for the second time in the inner courtyard of the Town Hall!

For the second time, the Wespennest Cultural Society and Meet the Lichtblick Day is organizing a small open-air cultural series in the inner courtyard of the town hall in Neustadt under the auspices of Mayor Mark Weigl.

Starts Sunday, June 26th at 6pm with the band “Elsa and the Quarter Tone.”
ELSA & DER VIERTELTON – This is world music from the Palatinate. With an entertaining musical stroll through home and a look beyond the horizon, worlds meet. In their music, Samer (oud, vocals), Peter Brown (guitar, vocals) and Paul Rennig (mandolin, bozuki, guitar, darbuka and many more) combine western and oriental music, building bridges again and again. They take their listeners on an exciting journey between East and West – from the musicians’ point of view an important contribution to promoting understanding and meeting between people of different cultures in our society. Together, the musicians perform songs and dances from Germany, the Palatinate, Europe and from the homeland of Samer El Arabi. A musical encounter between two musical cultures that is exciting and harmonious at the same time – world music from the Palatinate!

On Sunday July 3 at 6 pm there will be a performance by well-known cabaret artist Arnim Tobel with his program for the anniversary.
“I must be my musician and jonda.” MASTERBABBLER has been a professional on stage with his piano for 22 years. He is associated with the Wespennest Cultural Society through a number of guest performances, which he wholeheartedly emphasized with his speech of praise on the occasion of the presentation of the Culture Prize for the city of Neustadt in 2015. It all began for Tobel with music, which is and remains his trademark in his performances along with his accent . We hear songs from his early days called “Töpel ohne” and songs from his nine singles so far. Preferably in his darling Kurpfälzisch, which he has been growing with his alter ego since “Hallole, isch bins, de Günda” since 1990 and is determined to help preserve it. In addition, Arnim Töpel provides insight into his musical path: his favorite pieces from the world of pop, rock, song and song, which shaped and accompanied him, from Gus Backus to Slade. All of them are in a special edition typical of Tobel. And last but not least, he created a new hit at Neustadt: “Hosch du aa ä E-Bike?” Try it in standard German!
“Oda Liwa Net!”

And on Sunday, July 17 at 6 pm, Madeleine Sauveur show
“Let me cross – I’m my grandmother!” Madeleine Sauveur, the multi-faceted comedian and cabaret artist with an impressive singing voice, has always had an accurate idea of ​​what the time will be like after 60:
Unprecedented dreams come true! Finally set up an orangutan station on Borneo, install underfloor heating in the bathroom with the Kowalski installer, and finally get into the car with a Donald Trump mask, let the flash flash and wave happily at the camera – and you still have enough on the account to support MSF.
She lived her life as a working mother – and now it’s her turn. Freely floating in the here and now is her mantra, and she has made it her mission to think only of herself for the first time in her life.
But then comes the call that changes everything: “Hello, mom! Now you are my grandmother!” – and then all plans are lost.
To do this, she asks herself three questions that she must find an answer to: Why can’t we make our dreams come true in life? What kind of granny do I want to be – classic granny or light granny? And how on earth that at three in the morning, completely exhausted, you can hold a live speaker with digestive issues in your arms for hours – and you can’t stop smiling with pride and happiness?
“Let me cross – I’m my grandmother!” It is a program for people over 30 who dare and enjoy thinking about the future now: smart, fun, entertaining, kind-hearted.
Kapellmeister Clemens Maria Kitschen – responsible for the compositions – sparkles with high and low colors on different instruments. Texts: Madeleine Sauveur, co-author: W. Konsting

Entry to events is from 5 pm. The performance will be approximately 60 minutes long. There is no separator.
The concert is held with the support of the city of Neustadt under the patronage of Lord Mayor Mark Weigl.
Existing corona rules (rapid test or vaccination card, distance rules, hygiene, mask, etc.)
Tickets are available at the Quodlibet bookstore, Kellereistr. 10 in Neustadt or can be booked at: kulturtreffsoziales@gmx.de. If rain is expected, the concert will take place at Casimirianum, Ludwigstraße 1.
At the end of the event, a donation is requested to Day Encounter Lichtblick in Neustadt.
Meet today, Lichtblick realizes a big project, especially at a very difficult time: more space for visitors to the social facility! After many temporary arrangements and short-term ideas, the plan for the future of the meeting area today is finally clear with the “2022 Centennial Project”. A room against social indifference will be created on the site of Amalienstraße 3. This new wooden building will provide daily visitors with a warm space of more than 50 square meters and create an atmosphere that meets different social needs and the desire for connection. The project aims to significantly improve the social infrastructure in Lichtblick and to be understood as a sustainable solution over many years. The project was planned by Klein Architects in Hassloch and should be completed by fall! At a cost of more than 75,000 euros, it is the most expensive project in the history of Lichtblick. Funding must be borne by the daily meeting center Lichtblick. The Westpennest Cultural Society supports the project and collects donations after the events. Information at: www.kulturverein-wespennest.de

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