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Hendrik Fust (CDU), Prime Minister and Chairman of the CDU in North Rhine-Westphalia. © Roberto Vail / D

Prime Minister NRW Wüst puts children and young people at the center of his COVID-19 policy during the pandemic. He also announced relaxation in the sports and entertainment sector at CDU Retreat. Those who have been boosted no longer have to prove a negative test.

Düsseldorf – Prime Minister NRW Hendrik Wüst (CDU) is focusing on the concerns, problems and needs of children and young people in the Corona pandemic. The question of the impact of the pandemic on children and young people was a very important topic on Saturday at a joint meeting of the NRW-CDU with party leaders in the European Parliament and the Bundestag and Federal President-designate Friedrich Merz in Dusseldorf. . Literally: “What are the consequences of the epidemic, are the restrictions caused by the epidemic affecting children and young people?”

The party had invited Silvia Schneider of Bochum Ruhr University as an expert for the examination. Schneider is Professor of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology and Head of the Center for Research and Treatment of Mental Health at Ruhr University. Wüst clearly liked her presentation. Mentioning many of the “negative consequences”, Wüst said: “School problems, fewer social contacts, more arguments in families because of the pressure that builds up there. More signs of child endangerment etc. Even increased suicidal thoughts among children and young people” .

The current head of the Conference of Prime Ministers and Heads of State said this cautions against “setting clear priorities in the coming weeks for shutting down schools and day care centres”. The goal is to “ensure as much normalcy as possible” for children in the pandemic and to preserve the associated infrastructure “for as long as possible. That was a very important point.” In short: closing daycare centers and schools is the last option in the fight against the pandemic, also in light of a wave Omicron.

Faust sees his party heading into 2022 stronger overall: “The discussions in the past few months and weeks have shown that the CDU in North Rhine-Westphalia is united, united and strong.” The CDU is about to start again: “The weekend after the next congress is the Federalist Party Congress, where Frederick Merz has been elected Federal President.” Next, the focus will be on preparing for the North Rhine-Westphalia state elections on May 15, 2022. West wanted Discuss the “State Elections Timeline” at this meeting. “In April, we will then begin the state’s election campaign.” The aim of the CDU is to continue to appoint West, succeeding Armin Laschet, as prime minister of the most populous federal state in the coming years.

In addition, Wüst announced that in the sports and entertainment sector, people with a booster vaccine will be exempt from additional testing requirements. When asked if the obligation to “reinforced” testing in sport should also be dropped, Wüst said on Saturday: “The equation of those who are reinforced should apply to those who are generally tested. That is my belief.”

Particular emphasis was placed on the importance of ‘sports for youth and children’. “We want to make different things easier. Sometimes children cannot be fostered at all. And depending on the age, we also have other ideas,” stressed Wüst.

The 46-year-old from Reddy spoke in favor of “rapid mass testing” in these areas. For example, children and young people do not have to go to an official test station, but first they have to take a quick test together, which will be checked by group leaders. “We want to make it as easy as possible. We all want to provide incentives for boosters because vaccination and boosters in particular is the way out of this crisis,” Fust said.

The federal group under Chancellor Olaf Schultz (Social Democrats) did not make any new decisions about the sport on Friday. According to the Corona Protection Act of North Rhine-Westphalia, which is in effect until January 12, people with a booster vaccine must also provide evidence of a current negative test before exercising indoors (2G plus). This applies, for example, to gyms or indoor tennis. This additional testing obligation will then not apply to Enhanced Users. The NSW Corona Protection Act is due to be updated by Tuesday in order to implement the decisions of the federal and state governments.

On Friday, other restrictions were set on the catering trade. Access is limited to those who have been vaccinated and those who have recovered (2G). In addition, when visiting restaurants, bars and other catering establishments, daily testing or proof of booster vaccination is required, so the 2G-plus rule applies here. dpa

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