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English music journalist Jennifer Lucy Allan covered the history of the trumpet. Fog horns were developed in the 19th century to make ships safer.

by Annemarie Stoltenberg

This story is also a love story in a way – it begins on June 22, 2013. Jennifer drove Lucy Alan to the cliffs on the English coast with friends. A total of 65 musicians took their positions here and were supported by a mobile fleet of more than 50 ships bobbing off the coast. Ferry, fishing and sailing boats, lifeboats, yachts and towing. It was a sunny and windy day, and the crowd was waiting, shivering and gusts of wind. When Copper took office, the people fell silent and then began: Foghorn’s Requiem.

Jennifer Lucy Alan describes how she was touched and affected by this unique concert and decided to pursue the history of the Nibelhorns. She has done so in her emotionally, elegant and unusually written book.

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The story of the century of fog

You will also explore part of the history of seafaring. Fog has always been a major hazard to shipping. In 1850, Canadian Robert Follis, inspired by his daughter’s piano playing, is said to have begun to think of a technique for fog horns. This is one such anecdote about the history of fog, but the truth is that the perspective on it is as impenetrable as the fog and smog of 1950s London. Jennifer Lucy Alan writes in the introduction:

What I heard in the sound of the fog was not just deafening music, but the possibility of connecting history, culture, industry, landscape, and, above all, people.
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This absolutely amazing author does just that. Through the gloom reverberating in the sound of mist, it seizes us into the mood of being lost in the ocean, but also of yearning for a safe haven, wherever it may be. It talks about the technical conditions and the phenomenon of fog and thousands of attempts to develop fog.

Foghorns – an endangered species

She explains the influence of this resonant sound on John Cage’s music, for example, and goes all the way to modern marine navigation, which thanks to GPS technology no longer needs fog horns. They still exist as the sound of nostalgia. But the coasts have lost one of their distinctive sounds. For Jennifer Lucy Alan, it’s like meeting a dying bird of sorts. She wonders how future generations will remember this lonely terrifying sound:

The mighty old fog horns I’ve been following are the last of their kind.One by one our shores will be silent, the sounds of the fog are fading, the powered engines are shutting down. Trumpets will indicate an empty horizon and can save themselves at best.
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Trumpet song. A history of sound and culture

by Jennifer Lucy Alan

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332 pages
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Translated from English by Rudolf Mast
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24 EUR

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