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Murek Sakho was promoted from the third division to the German Bundesliga with FC St. Pauli. Although the striker rarely scored goals, he was a crowd favorite at Millerntor. Many years after the end of his professional career, the Frenchman continues to search for targets for another live club: the ninth division FC Hamburg Berg.

by Hano Bod

There is a lot of activity in the sports facility on Wichmannstraße. About an hour and a half before the FA Cup District Class Representative’s quarter-final match against SC Hansa 11 kicked off, the area in front of Undressing House was cordoned off with warning tape. In the dressing room, President Ralph Hoffmann pumps the balls that have already marked many games and courses at Grandplatz. Another club manager tackled the water with a traditional household broom. Clears puddles in front of the gates.

A few of his teammates are already sipping coffee from paper cups and chatting with each other as Sacco drives in a white limousine and parks at Altonaer Schützengilde, which is also based at the Bahrenfeld Sports Arena. The 40-year-old goes out with his two sons and hugs each of his teammates warmly as a greeting.

The Frenchman, who was under contract with St Pauli from 2007 to 2010 and then played for Armenia Bielefeld, is showing no grace.

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The zone class club is located in the quarter-finals of the Hamburg Verbandsbükal. Former St. Pauli professional Morec Sacco co-wrote the fantasy football story. more

We laugh, sing and dance a lot.

“We are a family, a team,” Sacco says enthusiastically, with “a lot of laughing, singing and dancing” happening at Berg, as the club is affectionately called. “It’s different and wonderful,” adds the former professional soccer player. The French player with Malian grandparents has been playing for the club from Saint Pauli for the past two years. Many of his teammates also come from other countries. There are players from more than ten countries in the Zone category squad. This is no coincidence. Since it was founded in 2014 by security and security staff who make a living on the Hamburgerberg side street, the club has been highly involved with refugees.

Social work and integration are an essential part of the association’s philosophy. But President Hoffman also has high athletic goals. “He told me his dream was to reach the top of the mountain,” said Sacco.

Kick the former pro meanwhile in the Recreational League

Former footballer Murek Sacko in front of the changing room at the sports stadium in Hamburg's Wichmannstraße © NDR

Former professional Maurik Sacco now plays in the ninth division Grand Hamburgerberg.

The club’s ex-professional finished second lowest in Hamburg by chance. He was working for a South Korean software company at the time, and some of his co-workers joined The Mountain and then took him to courses. The 40-year-old quickly admired the multicultural team. “We don’t speak much German,” says the former St. Pauli striker. “It’s good and different. It makes the atmosphere and the club special.” Prior to returning to club football, Sacco had gone on to score for a corporate team in the recreational league.

Giving up soccer boots for good has never been an option for a striker. “I have two young children who love football. I can’t say I’m sitting on the sofa and can’t take part. I love football and I live football. As long as I can stand up, I will be on the field and having fun there,” explains the Frenchman.

The children at the team meeting in the cabin

Along with his former national players Martin Harnik (Toss Dusendorf) and Marcel Jansen (Hamburg SV III), he is the most prominent former professional in amateur football in Hamburg. Sacco is also credited with the fact that the county classics fought back in a thrilling fashion on their way to the State Cup quarter-finals. He did not shine as a striker, but as a distributor in the middle of the field. Now the most important match in the club’s history is getting closer and closer. Tension rose in the underdog’s dressing room. Coach Gerd Crosby, who was native to the oceans, splits his fencing team with local league club Hansa 11. “So, I’m going to say this one last time: hamburger burg, we can do it!” The 73-year-old concludes his speech.

The fact that the opponent is a huge favourite and that he is three categories higher cannot shake the former seal dog. Sacco’s sons did not sit next to their father in the changing room during the meeting and nibble on biscuits.

Three and a half unforgettable years in St. Pauli

Maurik Sacco in the FC Saint Pauli Second Division shirt (photo from 2009) © picture-alliance / dpa Photo: Malte Christian

Mauric Sacco played for St. Pauli from early 2007 until mid 2010.

Such a scenario was out of the question for Sako when he was a professional, even if he was under the guidance of the coach at St. Pauli Holger Stanislavsky was not always serious. “I will never forget that time,” the 40-year-old says wistfully. In 2007 he moved from English fourth tier AFC Rochdale to Kiezclub. At Millerntor, the 2.02-meter striker quickly captured the hearts of the fans as he always left them on the field. His big heart as a fighter covered some deficits in football.

So, of all things, head game wasn’t the prerogative of the Soft Giant. He rarely scored a goal. There have been eight of St. Pauli’s 74 competitive matches. Hamburger Street called it “Turlat”.

Bad post in Arminia Bielefeld

The promotion to the Bundesliga in 2010 was the highlight of the French player’s career. “Fantastic Murek Sacco” sang the neighborhood club’s fans as the team celebrated their jump to the First Division at Reeperbahn. It was the striker’s last gig as a St. Pauli professional. He no longer receives a contract from Millerntor Club. “The majority of people wanted me to stay. Only one or two people didn’t,” the 40-year-old looks back, somewhat annoyed. At that time he moved to Arminia Bielefeld, but he was not happy in the “Alm”. Only a year later, Sacco left East Westphalia again.

This was later followed by associations with regional league teams Hessen Kassel and Eintracht Nordersted, before the former kickboxer started pursuing his big passion just for fun.

Meditate on the feeling of another cup

Sherif Dean Osman of the neighborhood football club FC Hamburgerberg © HannoPod, Photo: HannoPod

Sherif Dean Othman and FC Hamburgerberg qualified in an impressive fashion for the FA Cup quarter-finals.

By participating in the DFB Cup, Sacco will celebrate another comeback on the big football scene. The prerequisite for that would be success in the State Cup, from which Hamburg-Berg are still three wins away from before the quarter-final against Hansa 11. The ninth division dream quickly found new nourishment when Negomo Mohamed scored from the penalty spot three minutes later to make it 1- 0. “What I said happened exactly – exactly,” said coach Crosby, while Sacco congratulated the scorer with a slap in the shoulder. Belief in the following sensation is also growing among the players on the bench, as there is a huge gap in the plexiglass pane.

Dream Blast: “He deserved, he deserved, he deserved”

But then Crosby mistakes more and more anxiously on the weeds along the slick outside line across the Grand. The hosts fall back a lot and are 2-1 before the break. Goalkeeper Patrick Antwi, who was looking after the Ghana national team goal, had to come back three more times after the break. In the end, the “Mountain” was defeated by its neighbor – there is also Hansa 11’s house in the neighborhood – in a ratio of 2: 5. Sako turned out to be a fair loser.

“It was worth, worth, worth,” he told guest coach Erkan Sancak, who had hugged him beforehand, “We have known each other for a long time, and we met in the neighborhood before the game.”

For Sako, after the match is before the match

Even if the 40-year-old has struggled a lot in his professional career, this bankruptcy in amateur football is gnawing at him. “I always want to step on the gas on the court and be the best. I have to involve the players. And when you lose, it’s always bad…” says the man with the number 26 jersey completed in his lounging pool or on the massage bench. past. The day is after the game before the game for Sacco. “Now I have to play football with the kids,” he says, and he goes with his sons to the turbulent Grandplatz.

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