Russia rebuilds fallen monuments

Kyiv / Moscow.Amid the bloodshed in bombed towns and villages, Ukraine is increasingly beginning to separate itself from its Russian heritage. Monuments to Russian writers were toppled and streets were renamed. For years now, Russian, which was the most widely spoken language just a few years ago, has been put off by the Ukrainian leadership – much to the chagrin of Moscow. In turn, in the lands occupied by Russia, the Ukrainianization of life by force is now being reversed.

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Pictures from the capital, Kyiv, where Mayor Vitali Klitschko tore a monument to the friendship between the two peoples, spread around the world. The monument of two factors – Ukrainian and Russian – dates back to the Soviet era when both countries were part of one state. The head of the Russian worker fell first. This has symbolic power, Klitschko said. The Russian enemy and occupier must be expelled from our country.”

In the past, monuments to the Russian revolutionary leader Lenin, who founded the Soviet Union 100 years ago in 1922, have already been removed in many places. Russian President Vladimir Putin said in February that Ukraine owes its greatness to Lenin and the Russian Empire. He will show her what it means to give up this legacy. Shortly thereafter, on February 24, he ordered the invasion, which President Volodymyr Zelensky of Kyiv considers to be essentially a war of annihilation against all things Ukrainian.

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Russian invasion accelerates Ukraine disengagement

Meanwhile, Putin’s bombs and missiles are accelerating a radical departure from the “Russian world” in Ukraine, which the Kremlin chief actually wanted to preserve. Other monuments are also being targeted. Monuments to Russian national poet Alexander Pushkin in Mukachev in western Ukraine and writer Maxim Gorky in Vinnytsia have been removed. In Odessa, the central monument to the Russian-born Tsarina Catherine II, who founded the port city, is being discussed.

The Russian war of aggression, which Putin launched to prevent forced uranization, has achieved the opposite. In the capital, Kyiv, the names of more than 500 streets, squares, parks and subway stations are being discussed. “We have erected monuments in honor of people who have made a great contribution to the development of Ukrainian culture and history,” city council deputy Ksenia Semenova of the Presidential Servant of the People party said on television about the plans.

A teenager apparently died in Odessa after a missile attack

According to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, a 14-year-old boy was killed in Odessa.

The monument to the famous Kievan writer Mikhail Bulgakov will also be removed at his home in Kyiv, which was erected in 2007. But there is a dispute. Presidential Vice President Danilo Hetmantsev is against removing Bulgakov or Leo Tolstoy from the city’s image. It is not Tolstoy and Bulgakov who bomb Kyiv. This is what savages who have nothing to do with culture do.” Bulgakov, Pushkin and Tolstoy do not have a nationality and are part of the culture of the world.

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Moscow has been criticizing the government’s anti-Russian approach in Kyiv for years. In a TV interview in Italy just this week, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov complained about the years of suppression of everything Russian, such as “the closure of Russian-language television channels, the end of the sale of all Russian-language publications”. Lavrov again accused the United States of directing this anti-Russian policy in Ukraine in order to sow enmity between peoples and destabilize the region. They want to defeat Russia.

Russia rebuilds monuments in Kherson

Meanwhile, in the lands conquered and occupied by Russia during the war, time turned back. The Kherson region in southern Ukraine introduced the Russian ruble, as did the Luhansk and Donetsk regions, whose independence Moscow recognizes. Now people are receiving Russian television and radio stations again instead of Ukrainian ones. Thousands receive Russian aid. In the Kherson region, the monument to Lenin appeared again in Nova Kakhovka and in Hinchissk on the central square in front of the town hall.

Life in the Russian world is attractive especially with more money. In the Luhansk and Donetsk regions of the Donbass, on the day of the victory of the Soviet Union over German fascism on May 9, veterans of the Second World War will receive 10,000 rubles (134 euros). Putin also said in February that the people of Ukraine had become poorer under Zelensky. you deserve more. However, so far they have suffered mainly – as in the coastal city of Mariupol – from destruction, death, starvation and suffering.

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Russian “de-Nazification”

The Russian military operation is taking place under “distortion”, as confirmed by Foreign Minister Lavrov again in the interview. The head of state, Selinsky, of Jewish origin, was accused of enacting laws in the sense of “Nazi theory and practice.” Lavrov also complained that Ukraine’s greatest fascist, Stepan Bandera, who collaborated with German fascists in World War II, is now revered as a national hero. He now has dozens of monuments in the country.

While Russia, despite the war in Ukraine, will once again celebrate Victory Day on May 9 with military parades and fireworks, the once common memory disappears from public life in Ukraine. With the expected victory of the Ukrainians over Russia, the holiday will lose its meaning, says the head of the Institute of National Memory, responsible for historical policy, Anton Drobovich. “Not because anyone is going to ban it, but because we will have our victory, which is most important to us, to our identity,” says the 36-year-old.

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