Munich: Fourth school building program underway – Munich

Not all schools, gymnasiums, and canteens of the city’s first three school building programs have completed a long journey—the Ministry of Education and Sports has already announced a fourth school building program in a status report. The report lists eight construction projects at seven sites, including the modernization of the secondary school in Drygalski-Allee, the expansion of the primary school in Schäferwiese, and the construction of a new elementary and middle school and a special needs school in Freiham. Twelve more procedures are to be prepared. The fourth school building program is expected to be submitted to the city council for a decision in the fall.

The three previous school building programs from 2016 to 2019 include 95 construction projects, the amount of investment according to RBS 7.25 billion euros – this is the largest municipal educational construction program in Germany. As part of the first three programmes, more than 37,000 new school places will be constructed, and existing facilities for 18,000 pupils will be renovated or replaced with new buildings based on the Learning House concept; In addition, 188 child-home care groups will be built on the school premises, 181 gym units, 72 canteens, and twelve school swimming pools.

“Our attack on school building is unique in Germany,” said Julia Schönfeld-Knor, a spokeswoman for education policy for the parliamentary SPD/Volt group. “No other municipality invests as much money in educational institutions as Munich.” The city can be proud of that, says Green City Councilwoman Anja Berger. “Above all, the schools are built in the style of a learning house, where Munich children enjoy the best learning conditions, and at the same time attention is paid to climate-friendly construction.”

So far, out of the 28 construction projects of the First School Building Program, 21 construction projects have been completed, and of the 31 construction projects of the Second School Building Program, two have been completed and 16 are under construction. Two projects of the third school building program have also been completed. In addition to the school building programs, there are seven daycare center building programs, six of which have already been completed. More than 5,000 care places have been created. The construction program still has about 2,500 ongoing care places and should be completed by 2025. In addition, the city has implemented five ward construction programs, and 66 facilities with more than 430 classrooms and 57 daycare groups have already been built.

Due to the budget situation, some projects have been postponed

Four schools are currently being built on the site of the former Byrne Barracks alone: ​​two primary schools, a secondary school and a school support centre. Construction projects are due to be completed in 2026. The other major project is the Messestadt Riem educational campus, although it is not part of the school’s construction programme. In the upcoming school year, it will start operating partly on the campus of up to 14 Grammar School classes, then be ready the next year.

Due to the tight budget situation, some construction projects have been postponed, which will bring potential savings of €1 billion by 2025. At the same time, this creates an additional need for action in building maintenance, according to the current status report by RBS. In addition, 280 million euros will be saved in the long term, partly due to reduced need in some cases and due to the creation of fewer parking spaces.

RBS is also planning a pilot project: affordable housing for teachers and educators will be built on the site of the Auenstrasse School. This could happen at multiple locations in the future if space permits – and if approved by the city council.

Munich’s goal of becoming climate-neutral is taken into account when building new school and daycare projects, and the requirements have been fully or partially taken into account in several ongoing plans, according to the Ministry of Education and Sports. For example, with the concept of wooden construction from the construction department, it is now possible to realize multi-storey school buildings with educational house as a hybrid wooden construction.

On Tuesday, the Child and Youth Welfare Committee approved the proposal of the Ministry of Education and Sports. This will be discussed by the Education Committee on Wednesday and will be taken up by the city council general meeting in mid-May.

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