Kita-Gesetz: Was the call for help out of knowledge going unanswered because of the wrong email address?

Message from 05/03/2022

Written by Daniel David Berker

About a month ago we reported that not a single refugee child from Ukraine could be admitted to a day care center in Westerland. The mayor had sent a request for help to the state’s youth welfare office, which went unanswered. The supra-local youth welfare agency is now explaining itself to AK-Kurier. Neuhoff doesn’t want to leave it that way.

Mayor Berno Neuhof’s call to help the state’s youth welfare office went unanswered. This is now expressed for the AK-Kurier. But Neuhoff doesn’t want to leave it that way. (Photos: State Youth Welfare Office/Wessen Department)

District. No refugee child from Ukraine has been accepted into a day care center in Westerland. The reason: Keita Future Law presents itself as a bureaucratic beast, officials said about a month ago. Mayor Berno Neuhof’s call to help the state’s youth welfare office went unanswered. Now the regional youth welfare agency has reported to AK-Kurier. In the email, the state Youth Welfare Office press office confirmed that Neuhoff’s statement was incorrect. The corresponding email was sent to an address that does not exist. Yesterday, Tuesday, May 3, the state’s youth welfare office received the mayor’s request in a different way. You will be answered. So far, so good? Not from the point of view of the informed management that AK-Kurier requested for an opinion.

Accordingly, the corresponding mail from the mayor’s office was sent to several recipients on March 23, namely to the office of the President (Director of the Office of the State Youth Welfare Office), the District Director and the Association of Municipalities and Cities, Altenkirchen District Group. However, no error message was received indicating that an email did not reach the recipient after that.

The mayor’s office checked the recipients’ surnames and first names again only when the AKP courier requested. It turns out that an error has crept into the spelling of the addressee’s first name. Instead of Annamaria they wrote Annemarie. Management: “Well, a mistake that only became apparent today. We are sorry. However, we could have been answered. If you write to AK-Kurier today and do not inform us directly today, it gives a ‘deep look’.

The state’s youth welfare office reacted with apology because all regional newspapers and the AK-Kurier publicly reported him on April 5, about a month earlier. “By then, if you were addressed as a state office, you could have called the mayor of the office of the Knowledge Society again or sent a message. After all, we are talking about a very important issue in terms of state politics. Talking your way out of that is a mistake in The mail address looks suspicious.”

Against this background, the mayor’s office notes that following media reports, members of the state parliament have participated, which the administration welcomes. At the same time, the administration is surprised that a media inquiry from Siegener Zeitung was answered within a few hours by the state youth welfare office at the beginning of April, “but not at all for an originally elected mayor. As I said, after April 5, it was possible To call us and say, the guy hasn’t received an email. If so, we’ll gladly send it back. So this isn’t a “disconnection.”

As the administration further made clear, its core critique remains, according to which regulations must be bypassed in light of the Ukraine war. “Only two Ukrainian children in the whole area (Siegener Zeitung, April 27) can be accepted into a day care center. So this is not a specific cognitive problem.”

Finally, the administration notes once again that the Knowledge Society is now going its own way and offers to help Ukrainian women and children. Yesterday, a meeting took place with refugee mothers, a foster mother and a language supporter. In the next two weeks, the Westerland Parents and Children’s Group will be launched by Ukrainian mothers of Ukrainian children. This offer is supported by a German nanny and once a day by a language supporter. (ddp)

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