Frankfurt/Bad Vilbel: massive limitations due to S6 expansion

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The S6’s four-lane expansion between Bad Vilbel and Frankfurt caused massive disruption in the summer. Passengers should definitely inquire about the latest developments.

Frankfurt/Bad Vilbel – The gang alert system is launched again. The next S6 rolls over the Bad Vilbel railway bridge. Trains will not use the chassis over the bow for long. The sandstone construction has been counted as over 170 years old. The protection of the monument has already been lifted. In the summer it gives way to the later style made of concrete and exposed steel, which is built nearby and then hoisted into place.

For this to be possible, the NIDA must sometimes flow into tubes. Overhead lines and noise protection walls should be raised. complex projects. The reason is that trains between Bad Vilbel and Frankfurt-West cannot run for eight weeks from July 9. In the four weeks before that, passengers can expect strict restrictions. “It gets worse first if you get better then,” Frankfurt Mobility President Stefan Mager (the Greens) says attractively.

Giant: A temporary bridge for pedestrians and cyclists to the sidewalk. © Monica Muller

Bad Vilbel / Frankfurt: S6 construction progresses on schedule

Construction work for the 570 million project to expand the Mainwesser railway into four lanes is progressing on schedule. By the end of 2023, the S6 will be running its own tracks between Bad Vilbel and Frankfurt West. That’s a year after it was announced at a groundbreaking ceremony in December 2017. Public resistance was responsible for the delay, says Gerd Dietrich Bolt, head of central infrastructure projects at Deutsche Bahn (DB). “Many plots of land are not yet in our possession.” And logistics have been modified to improve protection against construction noise.

S6 expansion project

S-Bahn 6 . line From Frankfurt-Süd to Friedberg it currently shares two lanes with all other traffic. If there is a delay in regional or long-distance traffic, she has to wait. Always there in Frankfurt West for a few minutes due to not enough capacity. The result: the approximately 16-kilometer route from Frankfurt to Bad Vilbel takes 26 minutes.

The first phase of construction It runs from West Frankfurt to Bad Vilbel. 13 kilometers of new tracks, eight new railways, bicycle routes and lanes, and 19 kilometers of noise protection walls are being built.

five stations It is being modernized and a new terminal is being built in Frankfurt-Genheim. All platforms are uniformly 210 meters long and 96 cm high.

for the second stage As far as Friedberg, the tracks will be extended from two to four over a distance of approximately 17 kilometres. Six stations will be updated. The planning approval process has begun. The start of construction is announced a few months after the completion of the first construction phase. legal

track close

In the summer, hard times begin for users of the S-Bahn 6 line. Once again you have to reckon with serious disabilities. Regional traffic in the direction of central Hesse, which is routed partly through Hanau, is also affected. It is advisable to find out more online before you start your journey.

One lane blocked From Monday 13 June to Saturday 9 July, the section between Frankfurt-West and Bad Vilbel. S6 only works every half hour. The train may be canceled and the timetable changed.

From Saturday 9th July The road between West Frankfurt and Bad Vilbel will be completely closed until Monday 5th September. Instead of trains, there are two types of buses. An express bus connects Bad Vilbel with Constable Watch in Frankfurt. Another line runs through every part of the city.

Ben Friedberg and Bad Vilbel, the S-Bahn is usually run. But there are exceptions. The weekends are already over at Gross Carbine. It may also be the case that you have to change to the bus on weekdays due to work.

This is related Especially for riders who want to take their bikes with them. This will not be possible on buses due to lack of capacity. legal

More information at

During a tour of the construction site with representatives of the two affected cities, Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund (RMV) and Transport Minister Tarek El Wazir (Greens), project manager Wolf-Dieter Teggs confirmed that DB Netz is doing its best to protect the nerves of residents. At night, the 20 participating companies tried to avoid using the machines. But for large sections of the road, residential development is not far away. It also drives straight through the fast-growing Bad Vilbel, there are many turns, and the effects are enormous.

Bad Vilbel / Frankfurt: Huge steel building erected due to expansion of S6

One of the most impressive episodes is the brutal tubular steel construction at the southern railway station in Bad Vilbel. Tighs is still impressed with what city officials came up with to replace the demolished flyover. He speculates “the largest footbridge ever built for cyclists and pedestrians”. In operation for five months. The timer will be open to visitors and photos for at least two years. Then the tunnel will be ready, which will lead directly to the outdoor swimming pool and sports facilities via the new Nida bridge. A huge improvement over the old steel bridge which is an insurmountable obstacle for owners of wheelchairs or prams.

Sandbags should increase the level of hardness.
Sandbags should increase the level of hardness. © Monica Muller

After the route closes in September, the S-Bahn between Vilbel and Berkersheim will initially run on future long-haul rail tracks, says project manager Tigges. Then I took a “highlight”. This may not be the last closure. DB Infrastructure Manager Bolte does not yet want to determine if there are other noticeable limitations imminent before the four lanes are officially launched at the end of 2023. However, property tracking will be needed to perform complex tasks. A special challenge: the work stopped in Eschersheim.

Bad Vilbel / Frankfurt: 60,000 passengers per day on the S6

The minister states that the station there has been waiting for modernization for decades. Opponents of railway expansion have repeatedly postponed the start of the infrastructure project, which also includes the hassle-free modernization of stations along the route. He adds that the “investment of the century” was followed by other railway projects that had been discussed and not materialized for decades. Preparatory work for the Nordmainische S-Bahn has now begun.

Construction Director Mike Schmidl, succeeded by Chief Foreman Ole Vanatko.
Construction Director Mike Schmidl, succeeded by Chief Foreman Ole Vanatko. © Monica Muller

André Kavai, general manager of RMV, emphasizes the profit: 60,000 people used the S6 every working day before the pandemic. The better view on the S-Bahn creates additional capabilities for regional transport to central Hesse. “Finally, ideas become reality,” Cavaye says. (Gotta Repigather)

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