Forensic science (not) required when a body is found?!

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If the physician finds evidence of an unnatural death or, based on general circumstances, considers the method of death unjustified, the police must be notified. The reason why there is such a dark figure about unnatural deaths is explained to us in his first book by someone who should know exactly.

In order to solve a crime, it is important to find answers to 7 W. questions. The memorial sentence for this is: when did who, where, what, how, with what, why and for whom.

Is that entirely possible in an interview when it comes to answering a bundle of question marks on a single question: Why does someone write?

When written stories started turning into a book, I actually asked myself that. In my memory, I always jotted down thoughts, sometimes as a word, a line on a piece of paper. They have become my bookmarks. If poems arose from him, I gave some of my loved ones as a gift. Life went on, the family was the focus, then the children left the house, and the old hobby – writing – gained time.

Everything I encounter, personal experience, from hearsay, each can become an excerpt of thought and thus the beginning of a story or episode in a great plot.

If I pass the day with the eyes of children, the sunset sets the pedestrian bridge over the sea to my feet, the amber eyes of the woman speak, the hands freed on black and white keys become a symbol of faith and hope, the lantern moon is a line of longing, the song of naked soles on the shore …

It allowed me to live my childhood dream job, sailor and criminal.

Today I live my hobbies of sailing and tai chi. There are a lot of things there.

Above all, I was able to take life’s experience with me into my second career, which especially grew out of collective responsibility among the specials on board merchant ships when the voyages were halfway around the world and lasted three months. Example: If you’ve been at sea for weeks, no port in sight, only water in sight and day in and day out on the same faces a few meters from deck, then a lot of people get sea fever, homesickness weighs on them. in the mind. If there is unhappy love in the house or if the competition in favor of a stewardess on the boat is a mixed component with alcohol, then a dangerous cocktail will be stirred. As a boatman, you sometimes pull a man off the mast who wanted to throw himself off, or stop two people from attacking each other with their knives. I met the first, fellow as a tree, again as a freight forwarder in the port of Rostock. Many years later I found his name in a police case report. I opened the gas tap. I actually learned the formula, de-escalation through communication, on the plane without calling it that. As a criminal, I knew it was one of the most important things in police work. So I was able to take a lot with me, from the first to the second career.

As in other professions, for example b. In the rescue service, you have to quickly gain the so-called professional distance so that you can accomplish your mission. I was good at that empathy yes of course. But no pity. This is misplaced. It is in the word. You suffer with me. If children were the victims, it was difficult. Pedophilia, I don’t think I could have handled it. I was to take this home with me. I only had to investigate a case like this once. Fortunately, the act stopped trying. Professional distance protects you, too. In confrontations with delinquents of all shades, one can remain calm and avoid failure in investigations, for example. B – In the case of murder, they do not become personal defeats. This is how a criminal is able to process negative experiences.

It’s just in me, the joy of playing with ideas and words. As in notable excerpts, they act like magnets, attract others, and grow until they coalesce around the thread of the narrative idea or become themselves. So my writing is neither a reassessment of negative experiences nor a self-treatment. But to be able to leave what you wrote away, and even put it on a shelf like a book, and devote yourself to the next project in your head, that feels good.

Are you curious and want to know more about me or my first job? Just listen to one of my readings.

You are welcome to contact us. We look forward to meeting you.

Sincerely yours, Nikolai Ludwig, retired criminologist, sailor and author

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