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Mainz 05 was one of the last Bundesliga clubs without a women’s football division. This will change next season. In collaboration with TSV Schott Mainz, Team 05 also wishes to celebrate success in women’s football over the medium term.

At the beginning of April, the two largest football clubs in Mainz, FSV Mainz 05 and TSV Schott Mainz, were somewhat surprised when they made the cooperation in women’s football public. Mainz 05 was not active in women’s football until 1st April of this year. On the other hand, neighbor TSV Schott does. Whether in the youth field or with a women’s team, Schott has been and remains the first point of contact in the capital of the Rhineland-Palatinate for ambitious girls and women. Schott’s knowledge and “knowledge”, plus FSV as the financially strongest club – cooperation is an obvious choice.

Heiðrún Sigurðardóttir is the face of the campaign

Heiðrún Sigurðardóttir is the captain of TSV Schott in the regional league. Heidi, as she’s known for her acronym, loves her blue TSV Schott Mainz shirt. But soon you will wear the colors of Mainz 05 – without changing clubs. “It feels nice, but I think blue would suit me better, but it would still be very cool,” Heidi says with a laugh. Because: blue becomes red. “I am honored to be there. It will enable us to do a lot that hasn’t been possible recently, all girls are happy, it’s a great opportunity for us.” The Women’s Shot team still plays in the third division regional league. That should change as soon as possible. The 05ers will join next season, and in the following season, the women will officially play Mainz 05.

New Financial Opportunities

Maintaining teams is costly for a collegiate sports club like TSV Schott. The men’s team still currently plays in the regional league and almost all youth teams also play in the higher leagues. The managing director of TSV, Till Blogger, sees not only the sports perspective, but also the financial one: “We now have a strong partner that will promote competitive sports, which will provide financial resources in cooperation and also support infrastructure measures. This makes sense. We are happy with that.”

Schott and 05 have been collaborating in the youth field for a long time. Both clubs see their big neighbors’ takeover of the women’s team as an opportunity. Nadine Kress, women’s football coordinator at TSV Shot Mainz, reflects on the future of women’s football: “Women’s football in the entire region is taking advantage of these new opportunities.”

The planning started a long time ago. Since there is not enough space at Bruchweg, the sports home of FSV, the women must continue to play at the Schott facility. Goal: step by step. Women want to move forward with their sport and hope for matches in front of many spectators, eventually in the Women’s Bundesliga. Heiðrún Sigurðardóttir sums it up with a smile: “I think it’s a dream for the little girls who would grow up here if they were all looking to play for Mainz 05.”

05 Sports Director Heidel: ‘Shot does a great job’

Mainz 05 sporting director Christian Heidel sees only advantages for both sides in the collaboration. Manager 05 praised “Shot has been doing a great job when it comes to women’s football for years”. “Schute approached us, we both want that collaboration,” he continues. “We don’t take anything away from anyone, we just want to show successful women’s football together. We are very grateful and look forward to that,” Heidel said in an interview with SWR Sport.

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