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Where does Germany’s policy lead in the Ukraine war? In “Ann Will” guest ARDs discuss – but remain largely uncritical.

BERLIN – The chancellor described the first reaction after the Ukraine war as a turning point. And now Germany is going one step further, which recently seemed out of the question: “Tanks in the war zone – where does Germany’s policy towards Ukraine lead?” I asked Ann Will on Sunday evening – without approaching the answer.

Secretary of State Annalena Barbock was unable or unwilling to answer this question, resorting instead to well-established components of the sentence. For example, “You cannot say anything with absolute certainty,” or: “We are also responsible for inaction.” Action is now being taken, after a long discussion that heavy weapons are also delivered to the war zone, with Baerbock’s Anne Will at ARD, he confirmed that the decision to send tanks to the Ukraine conflict was not a German one, but a decision of the Western partner countries.

Ukraine’s war on Anne Will: ARD talk show free of discussion

Barbock’s striking manner of approval, when faced with a statement from the US Secretary of Defense, demonstrated how closely Germany was involved in the path set by the United States. “It’s about seeing Russia so weak that it can never start another war of aggression,” he said recently. Very different from simply stopping the war, but Annalina Barbuk (Green) went further and said: “Sanctions against Russia could only have been lifted when Russia also withdrew all its forces from Crimea and Donbass.” A position that seems to make Somewhat difficult to quickly relieve the situation.

Regarding the Ukraine war, Annalina Barbuk (Green Party) talks about “Ann Will” on ARD channel for the continuation of sanctions against Russia. (screenshot) © ARD

In what follows, Ann Weil’s show has, like many alleged rounds of discussion in recent weeks, been marked by the almost complete absence of real discussion. All the guests were unanimous, from SPD leader Saskia Esken, DUP member Marie-Agnes Struck Zimmermann to Johann David Wadfull, deputy chair of the CDU’s parliamentary group for foreign affairs and defense. For minutes, the question was discussed, for example, which politician will visit Kyiv and when, whether one should bring gifts in the form of new shipments of weapons, whether visitors will stand on each other’s toes and whether it is more than a great photo opportunity .

Annalena Barbuk Federal Foreign Minister, Grune
Saskia, I live SPD party leader
Marie Agnes Strack Zimmermann MP, FDP
Johann David Wadfol MP, CDU
Marcus Feldenkirchen Der Spiegel, Hamburg

Political party gossip with Anne Weil on ARD hasn’t been neglected: Saskia Eskin eagerly tried to defend her advisor in the face of her accusation of being a staller. Even fellow FDP coalition partner Mary Agnes Strack Zimmermann criticized the chancellor’s supposed reluctance. On the other hand, she was pleased with Schulze’s promise of arms. No wonder, as a member of the Presidium of the German Army Support Group, she demands more weapons for Ukraine, but also Germany and NATO almost every day.

Anne Will on ARD: Arms delivery to Ukraine is a central topic

An important question: what is the right tank to help Ukraine in the short term: the marten or the tiger? Do you have to train for a few weeks or months just to master heavy equipment? Many Germans are currently discussing this question extensively on the Internet, because just as large parts of the population have become virus experts almost overnight in the past two years, the Internet now appears to be populated with weapons experts.

Oddly enough, the consequences of handing over weapons were hardly discussed by Anne Will and could have been discussed on the ARD channel. The starting point would have been, for example, the recently published open letter in which several journalists, artists and intellectuals addressed the Chancellor and demanded that arms shipments be reconsidered. The discussion about the pros and cons of these demands is likely to become very controversial.

to broadcast

Tanks in the war zone – where is Germany’s Ukraine policy leading? Broadcasting from May 1, 2022 at ARD Media Library.

After all, the author of “Spiegel” Marcus Feldenkirchen tried his hand at crucial nuances, but constantly bounced back from the battalion of politicians. Perhaps the weapons delivered in Ukraine will help, perhaps escalate the situation, but at least it will calm the German conscience. There are no particularly substantial insights into the end of Anne Will, which was particularly quiet, even by German talk show standards. (Michael Mainz)

The consequences of the Ukraine war and Germany’s possible reaction to it are the topics of regular talk shows. Recently, guests of ARD channel “Anne Will” discussed a possible embargo on Russian oil and gas due to the conflict in Ukraine.

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