Wermelskirchen: a cultural initiative that celebrates five years of existence

Culture in Wermelskirchen
The May Festival celebrates five years of Evgen culture

Over the past five years, Wermelskirchen’s cultural initiative has brought to life the traditional house in Eifgen, which activists, artists and the public celebrate with a two-day programme. The association wants to determine the future course of action during the year.

The first five-year plan has been implemented. Michael Dirks discovered it at the two-day May Festival in Haus Eifgen, summarizing the past half-decade in which the Kulturinitiative Wermelskirchen (Kult-in-Wk) breathed new life into the traditional house in the immediate vicinity of Hüpp Park.

“If you take a look at the platform, you’ll find a list of what the first five years were supposed to achieve — and it worked,” Kult-in-Wk Chairman Michael Dirks said in an interview with our editors.

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For “Sweet Home Chicage,” the band “Heart and Soul” brought Aynsley Lister (right) on stage.
Pictured: Stephen Singer

More keystones have been added to this list. Haus Eifgen, which bought the purpose-built Kulturhaus Eifgen-Genossenschaft in 2019, and leased it to Kult-in-Wk as operator, is now included in the State Working Group for Social and Cultural Centers in North Rhine-Westphalia. “When we founded Kult-in-Wk as an association in January 2016, we were looking for a stage where we could hold events. We didn’t realize then that it would soon be a full house,” Dirks looked back.


“Blues Brother” Christian Mannheim served the drinks with Dirk’s granddaughter Julie and Frank Schneider.
Pictured: Stephen Singer

Numerous visitors, artists and volunteers celebrated the initiative’s fifth anniversary as operator of Haus Eifgen with a two-day May Festival – including two concerts at the May Festival on May 1, organized by Kult-in-Wk Eifgen has since reopened, as well as one in the night before. In fact, the fifth anniversary was supposed to take place in February, because the initiative has been active in Haus Eifgen since February 2017, but the requirements to combat the Corona pandemic forced it to postpone. Given the weather, this is not a bad alternative, as the permanently installed outdoor stage in the concert garden can be used for the first time this year for the May Festival.

British Blus-Rock guitarist and singer Aynsley Lister kicked things off on stage in front of 130 visitors ahead of the “Heart and Soul Blues Brothers Show” with around 200 guests, introducing the racy Haus Eifgen with the highlight of the evening. The 11-piece band took Aynsley Lister back on stage for “Sweet Home Chicago” to ensure a captivating guitar pyrotechnic display. Not only were my “Heart and Soul” heads, Dirk Zibontke aka Elwood Blues and Oliver Glush aka Juliet Jake Blues, appearing on stage in black suits, sunglasses and a hat—some fans have also chosen to worship these Blues Brothers: similarly Christian Mannheim, who He threw himself in the legendary Blues Brothers outfit after the Aynsley Lister party and then served the audience at the bar.

The way he knows, Michael Dirks has used the strengthening of the traditional Eifgen house as a cultural site in recent years to look back and forward: “The deciding factor has always been encouragement, which we are still happy with.” Funding the private rentals needed for closed businesses. In the first year, the initiative organized 80 concerts at Haus Eifgen, and 120 annually in the years since until the Corona pandemic. “In the future we will have to make fewer appointments, but we have to become better known at the state level,” Dirks stated. With a purely audience of Wermelskirchen, the concept could not be made without Halle Galle parties: “And we don’t want Halle Galle.”

Key points for future work will be laid out by the end of this year, with the key words already mentioned by Michael Dirks: “We should fund at least one full-time job, and maybe even part-time employees.” More related to work and family. . “

Church service and choral music with “Bella Melodica” and the Remscheider Vokal-Ensemble, performances of “Dreckpäck”, Phil Seeboth, “Eifgen Blues Band” and “Matt Schofield and the Rhythm Kings” made up the Maifest round dance, which in quantity and quality clearly demonstrated the efficiency The initiative.

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