Vandoorne wins Formula E title in Monaco

Title defense in progress: Stoffel Vandoorne and Mercedes showed off a sovereign race in Monaco and traveled to Berlin as they moved up the world championship rankings. But for Porsche, the most important event of the season on the Cote d’Azur turned into a nightmare.

Until now, Stoffel Vandoorne has always been notorious for being unlucky. Whether it’s in the junior series, in the McLaren F1 or more recently in Formula E: something often stands in the way of the very talented Belgian. Arguably the best example of this was the switch to McLaren in Honda’s fateful years. But the 30-year-old never let that deter him and built an impressive resume following the end of his Formula One dream. In both the World Sports Car Championship and in the electric series, the Vandoorne is a safe bet, only major victories and titles missing as evidence.

Although all is not going according to plan this year either – Vandoorne threw a win in Saudi Arabia, among other things – he recently emerged from the shadow of his teammate Nick de Vries. While the multi-time reigning world champion ran into the typical strategy chaos in Formula E, Vandoorne seriously collected points. Especially the new “qualifying tournament” suits the Belgian given the “winners”. Vandoorne could prove on Saturday that after the runner-up title in 2020, that should now be enough to take the really big hit.

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Classic scene, classic track layout – this time Formula E also drove the Formula 1 version of the chicane port.

High frequency brings anxiety

After Formula E drivers found a chicane zigzag port on their GP circuit debut last year, they were presented with the classic version on Saturday. Many pilots joked with anticipation that after last year’s show they were finally allowed to go to the “adult version”. This presented itself a little faster than it did the year before with the renewed asphalt and thus provided the perfect stage for an exciting sixth qualifying tournament.

After Jaguar struggled with speed in a time-test in the first weekends of the race, two-time Rome winner Mitch Evans was the dominating qualifying this time around and handily defeated Porsche’s Pascal Wehrlein in the final. Jean-Eric Vergne (DS-Techeetah), still ahead of the championship, Vandoorne formed the second row.

Formula E - Monaco 2022 - Mitch Evans - Jaguar

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Two-time Rome winner Mitch Evans (Jaguar) was undefeated in the playoffs.

The only run through the canyons of the world-famous streets began quite discreetly. With the exception of a few midfield duels, most drivers focused on energy management. Mitch Evans was able to consolidate his lead for so long without resistance – albeit at the cost of the amount of energy available to him. “After the excellent start, Mitch’s lead gave those behind him an advantage,” Jaguar Team Principal James Barclay said after the race. Thanks to the sliding current, among other things, they can more easily take out the speed and thus save.

Shortly before the end of the first third of the race, Werlin attacked Evans for the first time. However, the Jaguar driver was able to successfully defend himself when approaching the Chikany port. And so Evans led the field into the most brutal first phase of attack mode activations (two and four minutes in Monaco) as captain. Since the summits had remained close together until this point, there were plenty of duels to be seen. In this way, Ferlin and Virgin were able to take the lead within a few minutes.

Formula E - Monaco 2022 - Pascal Wehrlein - Porsche


Porsche driver Pascal Wehrlein showed a solid performance in the race, but fell victim to a technical flaw.

Double drama for Porsche

At the end of the first stage, Pascal Wehrlein again took first place, thus putting himself in a perfect starting position for the second part of the race. But shortly after halfway into the race, the number 94 electric Porsche 99X lost its traction: the car came to a sudden stop with about half a minute remaining for the extra kilowatts and rolled down the world-famous hairpin curve with no sign of life.

A few minutes later, bad luck struck Wehrlein’s teammate Andre Lotterer, who was pushed by Oliver Rolland (Mahindra) into the TecPro group at Sainte-Dévote. The German was slightly injured in the hand. The Safety Car stage was essential at the start of the final third of the race. Stoffel Vandoorne lost nearly every second of his time in attack mode, but he managed to get into the final race and work overtime as the lead. The rest of the race ultimately revolved around what Evans could do in the second four minutes. Vergne had already exhausted his quota before Vandoorne.

Formula E - Monaco 2022 - Sébastien Buemi - Nissan - Oliver Askew - Andretti-BMW

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Compared to last year, the highlight of the season was quieter, but the Formula E drivers prove that you can overtake.

After Evans initially lost two places through the external activation line, he was able to quickly return to second place. At this point, Vandoorne had already sped up and blasted off towards his greatest electronic success yet with a perfectly ticking time remaining. “Now it is my time at last,” the Belgian shouted into the microphone afterward. “The start of the season wasn’t easy, but the consistency is paying off now. I’ve been able to keep up the lead all year long.” Evans II summed it up comfortably: “Unfortunately I couldn’t turn my pole into a win because we had some power issues. But those are great points!”

Vandoorne is now the captain of the table for his employer’s home match in Berlin. On May 14-15, E-Silver Arrows will compete in Berlin for the last time. The Belgian wants to show there that his time has finally come.

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