Satirical Weekly Review: How Alice Schwarzer Organizes Pseudo-Cultural Horror.

We live in wild ages. in difficult times. At most since February 24, even in times of fear. Well, after all we don’t live in Syria, Myanmar, Libya, Congo or South Sudan, which is why our homes haven’t been destroyed yet – but the moral compass for parts of the so-called intellectual culture landscape is.

And because it’s much warmer and safer in a 250-square-meter apartment in Prenzlauer Berg (“Hello, Brühl lives near the corner here”) than, say, in a basement in Kyiv during a bomb alarm, these peace-loving pioneers also have an ethic of comfort and – if you like – the impudence to explain to the Ukrainians who are heroically fighting for their freedom (and in principle too), their country, their families, their homeland, their property, and ultimately their life to finally ask themselves, how many people still have to die for them before they finally show their willingness to surrender and surrender.

Yes, I became completely German in Caltland. Absolutely alone in the media about the signatories of an open letter in the foreign policy magazine Emma, ​​in which a group of 28 relatively heterogeneous narcissistic defense experts left their main field of activity on a short trip to analyze the war and order a halt to all arms shipments to Ukraine. The purpose is, as you can imagine, “the warning of a third world war.”

This largely unsupported warning, well, culminates in a remarkably uninspired plea to please refrain from sending arms to Ukraine. Knowing that these weapons are needed more every hour to save lives, and that Putin needs no specific reason to attack anyone, these peace doves in the absence of reality would rather fan the prospect of Germans panicking in the face of a highly theoretical nuclear war. Fear is the catalyst of high culture. Or, as historian Richard Folkmann put it, “a contemporary document of vile German selfishness.”

And why? Just to kick for a moment?

What drives the signatories, including Alexander Kluge, Svenja Flasbüller, Martin Walser, Ranga Yogeshwar, Reinhard May, Lars Edinger, Dieter Nohr, Gerhard Bolt, Edgar Selig and Julie Zh, to such a false moral gem?

One could joke about whether Edinger hauls mind-expanding stuff a lot in his ALDI bag. Or whether Flaßpöhler believes that on a topic other than Corona, she will not always be disentangled on all sides on talk shows. However, this makes arrogant smiles, haha, but not to please the answers.

But first things first: We live in a country where a former feminist magazine editor wants to decide not only who should count among the cultural elite and be seen as an intellectual in Germany, but also in a country where this elite lives a self-reflective group of expats. They comment on war shipments as if they were just there, then left Germany and then the rest of the world to its own devices.

This is, of course, for the tsunami of indignation, which Xavier Naidoo, trying to cleanse himself, was like a storm in a very small cup. For example, best-selling author Franca Parianen wrote on Twitter: “Julys Zeh believes that Ukrainians should come to terms with Russian occupation and then write books about people who can’t stand Prenzlauer Berg.” On the other hand, author Raik Anders strikingly defines the loving logic of the Alice Schwarzer Competence Center for Defense Strategies Worldwide as follows:

Vladimir Putin: “Ukraine has no right to exist”

Volodymyr Zelensky: “We would like to be”

Dieter Nohr, Julie Zeh & Co.: “Meeting in the middle!”

Surrender or nuclear war

An open letter, you should be fair, is of course welcome too. In particular, the discourse’s academics, who have only retweeted Alice Weidel since Attila Heldman went into hiding, suddenly have allies in a bubble that Alice Schwarzer considers, at least, to be an intellectual. The changing spearhead of all the pacifists in the salon seems to assume that Russia and Putin are still somehow acting on rationally understood facts. In this respect, weapons from Germany can be reinterpreted as entry into the war – and prosperity: the atomic bomb on Berlin. One would almost like to buy an Elon Musk EMMA, or at least Lars Eidinger.

Worse than the uncomplicated drawing of a horror vision, in which Putin’s only logical response to German tank shipments to defend the Ukrainian population would be a first nuclear strike, is really only a multiple of hysterical liberal opinion with frontier genius. Aura of complete wisdom. Their attitude: You can criticize (thank you, what a nice thing), but you can’t scold. Reactions to the open letter were sometimes harsh in the dubious first phase of suspiciousness with horror. The Basic Linguistic Supremacy Level Club met at once and resumed that opinions should certainly be considered wrong, but no one should be mocked now.

This self-disclosure, planned as documentation of their infallibility, usually arises from the spontaneous flow of all people, of all people, from constant contacts, who regularly express their masterful eloquence in tweets, texts, podcasts and television appearances on candidates such as Wendler, Scheuer or Laschet or Schweiger. It can be argued that some celebrities have been acquitted by the Twitter panel for proper communication about the hate shooting.

Others, such as Emma’s noble feathers, apparently do not. Perhaps because Lars Edinger has been blissfully roasted at three tables and 12 steaks at the Grill Royal in a champagne frenzy, or because Julie Zeh will soon be having brunches together at the Duplo buffet at TV Makers in Altona, before he shares a professional and big collective” It will be talked about “appearing in Marcus Lanz. Keyword Marcus Lanz: Richard David Brecht is missing without excuse as the first site. What is happening? Is Brecht defective?

Alice Black Peter

The initiator, Schwarzer, had already had an impressive career before her appointment as the spokeswoman for the foreign policy of the bourgeois compromise. As a archetypal feminist for fed-up religious teachers, she became Germany’s most famous judge in 2010. In the mental absence of a presumption of innocence, she explained to the nation in months of letters accompanying his trial why Jörg Kachelmann was the worst man in the world and should at least be imprisoned for life. At that time she had refrained from open letters. why? The trade magazine for fighting self-immolation against prejudice, BILD, emptied its front pages for several months at the time.

Unfortunately, Schwarzer’s brave campaign against the background of the popular swamps had a minor flaw: the district court of Mannheim did not adequately coordinate with the famous Schwarzer jurisprudence and acquitted Jörg Kachelmann completely. To this day, it is incomprehensible to me that the judges did not follow through on the initial conviction handed down by legal scholar Alice Schwarzer. Because if anyone knows anything about criminal law, it’s Alice Schwarzer. Well, not so much with the tax code, but that’s another story.

Open messages, open questions

Shortly before her journey as a train driver to the standstill of war criminals willing to compromise, Alice Schwarzer already won the hearts of the enlightened LGBTQ community when she, feminist way, illustrated through the hot show “Trans Now Fashionable” how sexual identification became something we wear today. Waking up in a bad mood in the morning, stick to a boy’s outfit. If you are in a good mood, you may want to be a princess. Her open letter to Olaf Scholz is now based on similar scientific grounds.

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It remains a mystery how one might come up with the idea of ​​talking about “the intellectual” in the case of this diverse crew of potential Nobel Peace Prize winners on a foreign policy school trip. But perhaps to the average EMMA reader (and readers), everything that ranks above Chris Tabroyan and Prince Markus von Anhalt on an IQ test is intellectual. With this in mind, I wish you a good week with fewer open letters, so that no one will make fun of Julie Zee next week anymore. That would be a boon to all involved.

Olaf Scholz

Celebrities such as Alice Schwarzer, Martin Walser and Ranga Yogeshwar are sure that the continued export of heavy weapons to Ukraine could lead to a new world war. Now they are warning the chancellor in an open letter. Thumbnail: imago

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