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Suddenly, the Hamburger SV, which has already been written off, still has opportunities for promotion. The race for places in the Bundesliga always brings with it surprises.

Top five by five points, crazy endings with unpredictable twists and turns, a hoarse striker swinging his luck into the TV microphone. This season, the second division is fulfilling the promises that the Bundesliga already wants.

The struggle for promotion in the next two weeks gives reason to anticipate the massive tension that has been missing in the German championship for years. In any case, two teams will not succeed.

Darmstadt 98 president Rudiger Fritsch said at Sport 1 after the 6-0 win over FC Erzgebirge Aue. Which lifted Lilies to second place behind FC Schalke. The Royal Blues had already celebrated the top spot on Friday after beating Sandhausen 2-1. “First you have to realize what happened here, I don’t have a voice at all,” Simon Teraudy said on Sky.

This is about Schalke 04 (59 points / 67: 41 goals).

Since interim coach Mike Buskins took over, there have been six wins in seven games. Even 1:4 evident in the first match against Bremen had little effect. With a 2-1 win at Sandhausen, Revierclub took back the lead from Werder. The team is backed by the emotional support of the fans. The cheering after Terodde’s last-minute goal should give an extra boost to next Saturday’s promotional showdown. “We have to show that commitment and this passion against FC St. Pauli. We are really looking forward to the match,” said North Macedonia’s Darko Churlinov. Sports director Reuven Schroeder is also eager to duel with fifth place in the table: “The fans will carry us again. Despite all the euphoria, we must go into the game completely objective and focused. Our heads must be clear.”

This is talking about Darmstadt 98 (57/67:44)

The curve of the figure rising and since Saturday evening also the constellation Table gives hope. “It was a great match in front of a great crowd, we deserved to win,” said Torsten Liberknecht after the angry 6-0 win over Ue. In the remaining two matches in Dusseldorf and against Paderborn, the Hessian team returns to the first division in their hands. Big Trump is the attack around Luca Pfeiffer and Philip Teitz (15 goals each).

This is about Werder Bremen (57/60:43)

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The 2:3 score after a 2:0 lead against Holstein Kiel came as a shock. Werder can no longer manage direct promotion on its own. But the rest of the supposedly lighter program with games on the 17th schedule still speaks for Bremen. Oy vs Table XI Regensburg. Moreover, the team is probably the best quality and most experienced out of all the five candidates for promotion. Defensive players Omer Toprak and Milos Velikovic (both injured) and Christian Gross (Corona) can return to Oe. “We have often shown in the past that we can deal with setbacks,” said coach Oli Werner.

This is talking about Hamburger SV (54/62:32)

Coach Tim Walter’s squad is the Hunters this season. She’s more comfortable with the role than she was in the previous three seasons when she was on the hunt. The nerves appear to be more stable, and the team was able to perform the Walter Blinder (“stay with us”) course. The gap to the direct promotion spot has been reduced from nine to three points in five games. Only victories in the remaining matches against Hannover and Rostock are not enough. The competition should lose more points. But she’s been doing it for weeks.

This is talking about FC St. Pauli (54/57:43)

Shivering started in the Keys. Fans continue to believe in the rise, singing: “We love St. Pauli.” Players want to counteract the bold reaction. However, the trend of the last five games is speaking against them: first, the leader by four points is fourth, and now fifth, by three points, is second. Coach Timo Schulz promises: “It’s a whole thing about Schalke.” The team has to win there. Finally comes Dusseldorf. Defender Laerte Bacarada: “Even if we’re in a slightly worse situation now, none of us have checked the box.”

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