Eight days of culture: recommendations for the week of April 7 to 14 – Bad Tolls Wolfratshausen

Jazz with Zwelch

Tracks by Dave Brubeck, Miles Davis, Jimmy Van Heusen and Leonard Bernstein will be available Thursday, April 7 at Jazz with Peter Zelch & Friends. Tolzer Korhaus in the program. The guests this time are Andrea Hermeno (piano, vocals), Thomas Stabeno (double bass) and Stephen Noel (drums). Saxophonist Peter Zuelch of Tols, together with excellent musicians, has over the years managed to create a fan base for classical jazz in the Bad Tools established. Andrea Hermeno received the Music Sponsorship Award from the city of Munich last year. In 2020, her own band, Das Andrea Hermeno Five Nominated for the BMW World Jazz Award. It starts at 7:30 PM and admission is €15.

fantasy circus

‘Emotional, awe-inspiring and breathtaking:’ these are the traits that Dominic Hallameck gives to his new variety show ‘Circus of Imagination’ which takes place on Friday 8 April in Loisachhalle. Wolfratshausen The premiere (starts at 8pm) celebrates. The approximately two-hour program includes art, dance and live music. “We believe that positive moments and thoughts are important, especially during difficult times,” explains your dream. “It is often precisely these experiences that give us the energy and courage to help others and also to allow peace and love to live in each one of us.” Participants around the choreographer Wolfratshausen are from Sweden, Austria, Russia and Germany. As part of the Refugee Artists Program, three new artists from Ukraine are also part of the team. There are more shows on Saturday, April 9th, starting at 3 p.m. and 8 p.m. Tickets from €24 / €14 reduced are only available at www.circusoffantasy.de.

Dominic promises your dream “positive moments” through his “fantasy circus”.

(Photo: Special/Oh)

Lighting and still life

Pictures of Klaus Koehler, Rudi Schmid and Dieter Commander are in the monastery monastery from Friday 8 April to 1 May Benediktbeuern to see. Klaus Koehler, initiator of the joint exhibition, displays works on the diversity of lighting in the Middle Ages. The official who lives in Pechl has been dealing with illuminated or illuminated manuscripts for more than 30 years. Through accurate reproduction and simultaneous magnification of ancient documents, it gives the viewer the opportunity to see details that would otherwise be difficult to notice.

From Benediktbeuern to Wolfratshausen: Illustration from the Book of Hours by Giangaletzu Visconti, modeled after Klaus Koehler.

Illustration from the Book of Prayers by Giangaletzu Visconti, modeled after Klaus Koehler.

(photo: private)

Rudi Schmid, who lives in Benediktbeuern, titled his show in the West Wing with the words “Loisachtal, Isartal & diemalerei”. He mainly exhibits oil paintings, of which he speaks of his love for nature and blue. The trained glass and ceramic painter, born in 1943, completed additional training as a poster painter with the Academic Expressionist artist Henri Veroc, and later worked as a painter and restorer. He also ran the exhibition at Isartor in Munich.

From Benediktbeuern to Wolfratshausen:

Rudi Schmid called this painting “Clusterland”.

(photo: private)

Still life is on the estate of artist Dieter Commander, who died in 1999, and can be seen in the east wing of the monastery. Born in Upper Silesia in 1939, Wahl Benedictperor developed his sense and skills in artistic work during his studies at the Academy of Arts in Kassel and as a creative interior designer in famous fashion houses in Upper Bavaria. He liked to describe himself as a “craftsman” and painted Oberland motifs with a love of detail. On Saturday 9 April, Anton Ortlieb, Mayor of Benediktbjorn, invites you to the monastery celebration (starting at 4 pm). Submission is free.

niece of the revolutionaries

The “Belsky Brothers” are considered to be one of the most famous proponents of World War II. Their brigade was founded in 1941 at the beginning of the German occupation of eastern Poland by Jewish brothers Tuvia, Zus and Asael Bielski. Memorial bath in forstram On Saturday, April 9, the feature film “Unbeugsam (Challenge)” with Daniel Craig in the main role, which tells about the resistance of the Belsky brothers, was shown. There is also an eyewitness interview with the niece of the Belsky brothers. Bella Robin was born in the Föhrenwald camp, and grew up hearing the heroic story of her uncles. She is traveling to Hadath from Israel. Her cousin Asi Weinstein, daughter of Asel Belsky, will also be telecast live. Both will report on the adventurous lives of their family. Starts in Badehaus (Kolpingplatz 1, Wolfratshausen) at 6 pm. Entrance costs 9/5 euros. Since places are limited, we ask you to register by calling 08171/2572502 or info@erinnerungsort-badehaus.de

From Benediktbeuern to Wolfratshausen: a meeting point for contemporary witnesses: the bathroom at Waldramer Kolpingplatz

Contemporary witness meeting point: the bathroom at Waldramer Kolpingplatz

(Photo: Hartmut Postges)

Shepherds and pirates

youth squad dining Looking forward to a variety concert at the church after a two-year hiatus. On Saturday, April 9, from 7 p.m., you’ll give a color program at St. Nicholas’ Parish Church. “From Pirates of the Caribbean to Lonely Shepherds by James Last to Bohemian Winds by Ernst Muche, it’s all included,” the invitation reads. Submission is free.

From Benediktbeuern to Wolfratshausen: The Deining Youth Band picks up their instruments once again.

Young band Deining picks up their instruments once again.

(Photo: Organizer / Oh)

Orff’s Easter Play

Exactly 40 years have passed since the death of Karl Orff in Munich. In memory of the Bavarian composer and composer, Klaus Wittmann will present the Easter play “Comoedia de Christi Resurrectione” on Wednesday 13 April – in the form that the author himself loved to do during his lifetime. reading in Tolzer The Marionette Theater starts at 7.30 pm, admission costs 10 euros. Tickets are available from Tourist Information at 08041/78670.

From Benediktbeuern to Wolfratshausen: Klaus Wittmann invites you to the puppet theatre.

Klaus Wittmann invites you to the puppet theatre.

(Photo: Manfred Neubauer)

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