Covid can cause PIM syndrome in children – researchers now know why

In rare cases, children can also get seriously ill from Covid-19. The virus damages your lungs, and in some cases your blood vessels and heart. Scientists have now investigated why this happens. In the future, their findings could help protect children from the serious harm caused by infection.

Serious course of Covid in children is rare but possible

Australian researchers compared the blood of seriously ill children with Covid with that of healthy children. To do this, they first analyzed 34 samples of children who had either had less than one infection with the virus

  • PIME syndrome or
  • One acute respiratory distress syndrome


a PIME syndrome (Children’s Multi-Inflammatory Syndrome) Indicates inflammation of multiple organs. These include the skin, mucous membranes, heart, lungs, digestive system, liver, and kidneys. It can appear as a result of infection with corona, and according to “Pediatricians Online”, it can also be seen through neck and throat pain. Also called multisystem inflammatory syndrome (Multi-System Inflammatory Syndrome, MIS-C) specified.

who – which acute respiratory distress syndrome (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome, ARDS) It refers to a life-threatening disease in which the lungs cannot function properly. As the European Lung Foundation explains, diseases such as Covid-19 can lead to fluid buildup in the lungs, and eventually to the collapse of the alveoli. As a result, the lungs are no longer able to exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide. Further damage can occur to the organs.

Researchers analyze blood from children with Covid

Then scientists at the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute (MCRI) compared blood samples to those of 20 healthy children. They discovered that children with two dangerous syndromes have one thing in common: their blood contains certain proteins that healthy children lack. that stood

  • 85 proteins associated with PIMS and
  • 52 proteins associated with acute respiratory distress syndrome.

Using these specific proteins, they were able to determine that A blood clot or thrombus as well as Protein interactions in the immune system The virus has serious diseases.

Thus, scientists discovered an important relationship. “Children in general are less likely to get Covid-19 and have milder symptoms,” MCRI researcher Conor McCarty was quoted as saying by SitchDaily. “But it is not yet clear what has led some to become so seriously ill.” Symptoms developed. They published their results in the journal Nature.

Results could improve treatment of COVID in children

The researchers realize that so far only a small number of participants have been screened. However, with their findings they “created the basis for further research”.

Knowledge of these specific proteins could thus greatly improve diagnoses and treatments for Covid-19 in the future. For example, diseases can be detected more quickly and at an early stage using markers in the blood. In addition, children may be given special treatment, using donated blood, to reduce the risk of serious long-term damage to the heart and blood vessels.

In general, serious illnesses caused by corona infection are very rare in children. For example, the German Society of Pediatric Infectious Diseases reported that by April 24, 2022, 840 cases of PIM syndrome had occurred in Germany. According to the website “Infection”, PIMS has occurred in about three out of every 10,000 children with a corona infection.

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