Camping Fun Instead of Camping Frustration: What You Should Know Before Going on Vacation with a Caravan

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Camping fun instead of camping frustration

What you should know before you go on vacation with a mobile home

Cologne, 02 May 2022. Last but not least, Corona ensured that vacations with a mobile home became more of a travel trend par excellence than ever. Away from crowded planes, hotel buffet queues, and Corona’s ever-changing rules, camping offers the chance for a one-on-one break with the family. In order for a well-deserved vacation to also be relaxing and to avoid unexpected surprises, there are some legal things for camping beginners that you should know before you begin your trip. Frank Preidel, partner attorney at Roland, of Preidel law firm. Burmester knows what these things are.

On the road: What should you pay attention to when traveling in a mobile home?

For safety reasons alone, mobile home drivers should pay attention to the specified speed limit. But as lawyer Frank Breidel knows, there is also a risk of high fines if you exceed the speed limit: “Anyone who drives a motorhome weighing more than 3.5 tons from 16 to 20 km/h very fast outside the city will be quickly punished with a fine of 160 euros and a point in Flensburg Basically, mobile homes weighing up to 3.5 tons must comply with the same speed limits as any car, however, different rules apply between 3.5 and 7.5 tons.Then express homes are not allowed to exceed 100 km / h on highways and roads. Fast Drivers of mobile homes over 7.5 tons brake better You may not drive faster than 60 km/h outside residential areas and 80 km/h on highways.

By the way: there are also heavy fines for loading a mobile home up to 7.5 tons. The amount of the fine is graded according to the level of overload. “Anyone who is caught with more than 30 percent of overburden in Germany, for example, has to count towards €235 and one point,” says the legal expert.

Despite the reservation: the camp is full – what now?

Arrived at the camp several hours later on the highway and then the next: despite pre-booking, the place is fully booked and all the playgrounds are occupied. Attorney Frank Briddle knows what to do in such cases: “If the campsite is already full when you arrive, don’t be upset, just drive to the next campsite. However, if you have already paid a deposit up front, you are entitled to a refund. After all, the site operator has not been able to fulfill the promised performance.” If the camp site is full and you are thinking of parking your caravan in any parking lot or in a green space and spending the night there, you must urgently pay attention to a few things.

Sleeping in a mobile home: is it possible everywhere?

Good idea: drive through the area in a motorhome and stay overnight in the best place. However, so-called wild camping is not allowed in all European countries. “In Germany and in some other countries it is strictly forbidden to spend the night outside permitted places. Anyone caught doing so should expect a fine of between 10 and 200 euros, depending on the state,” says lawyer Frank Breidel. Normally, fines can reach 2,500 euros.”

However, one ‘driving’ sleep is generally allowed for up to ten hours if the parking lot is close to the planned route. “Here you have to make a strict distinction between overnight parking and camping. So if you set up a house in a parking lot or make camping furniture, you can hardly convince yourself of a one-night stay,” says the legal expert.

Parking with mobile home

Even for parking, campers are not allowed to park their mobiles everywhere. The dimensions and weight of the car both play a role here. Narrow parking spaces or driveways are often too narrow and therefore not suitable for one-time parking or overnight stays. While parking on the sidewalk is generally permitted, the motorhome has a maximum weight of 2.8 tons,” explains Frank Briddle. “Motorhomes can also be parked in additionally marked parking spaces.” Be careful with private areas: require Parking here Permission from the owner: Inside.

Lobbying with neighbors (camping): Who can do what?

Whether it’s barbecues, loud music or dogs – there are also rules at the campsites that you must follow if you want to avoid conflicts with neighbors at the campsites. This begins with the access: “The mobile home may only be parked on the allotted plots. The counsel explains that these assign to the campers individually and are usually well marked.” If you want to bring your dog or cat with you, you should inquire in advance whether or not this is allowed. Barbecues or bonfires are also not permitted at every camp site. Often there are stoves that are distinguished for this. “Essentially, you should really deal with site regulations before the camping vacation to avoid unnecessary stress, even before the vacation actually begins.”

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