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It sounds like something out of a fairy tale: a seven-year-old boy from the Eving district of Dortmund has a season ticket to his favorite club. Borussia Dortmund. Since then he has stood in the south stand in all weathers, began to play football himself and moved to the Borussia youth team in 1999. The following are the trophies and successes that young Kevin Grosskreutz could not even dream of. But where does the former international play today? And did it really keep him away from his great love Dortmund? SPORT BILD provides you with all the information about the 2014 World Champion.

“True love” – ​​at Großkreutz is more than just a slogan

It was August 08, 2009Location: Signal Iduna Park. In the match against Cologne, 21-year-old Kevin Grosskreutz fulfilled his childhood dream in the 70th minute of the match and played for the BVB in the Bundesliga. After several spells with Dortmund’s youth teams and seven years with Rot-Weiß-Ahlen, Großkreutz signed a three-year contract with BVB in 2009. In six years with the Black and Yellow, the multi-level player made 236 appearances for Borussia, scoring 27 goals and 37 decisive pass. The story of the comic book culminated in a championship win in 2010/11 and a double in 2011/12 (Championship + DFB Cup win).

“Großkreutz made doner kebab!”

In May 2010, Grosskreutz made his national team debut. In total, that was only enough for six internationals in his career. However, ‘Fischkreutz’, as the former Borussia player is known, was part of Germany’s squad for the 2014 World Cup tournament in Brazil and became world champion at the Maracana – without a single appearance. Grosskreutz will likely be remembered for the next World Cup party at the Brandenburg Gate, when a drunk Julian Draxler chanted “Großkreutz zurück den Döner raus” – of course based on the alleged throw of a doner kebab in May 2014.


New world champion crowned despite 0 minutes of play: Großkreutz and the Cup

Photo: Photo Alliance / SAMPEX / Sergey Drunyaev

want them? free fall

However, the kebab issue wasn’t the only title Grosskreutz encountered negatively. When Dortmund lost to Bayern Munich in the 2014 DFB Cup final, a frustrated and drunk Groskreutz urinated in the lobby of a luxury hotel. all 60 thousand euros He had to pay BVB as a penalty.

After the departure of the Black and Yellow, the world champion signed a contract with Galatasaray, but returned to the Bundesliga less than a year later, this time to Stuttgart in FB. Things were not going well there either: after a violent altercation with minors in downtown Stuttgart, VfB Großkreutz threw the door outside.

This was followed by positions at Darmstadt 98 and the then third tier club KFC Uerdingen 05. The lack of performance and unsportsmanlike behavior on and off the field led to Grosskreutz’s relatively short and unsuccessful years.

In January 2021, his professional career ended at the age of 32.

And today?

But Dortmund declared: He doesn’t want to stop playing football!

One man, one word: In January 2021, Großkreutz signed a contract with TuS Bövinghausen – in Sixth Division. Even if it is no longer enough for BVB in terms of football: the 33-year-old was not far from his old workplace. Only 13 km from the stadium is the Bövinghausen district of Dortmund where Grosskreutz was able to experience his most important and greatest moments in professional football.

Additionally, Großkreutz married his longtime girlfriend Karo in 2019. The couple is the parents of two children. Leonie’s daughter was born in 2016, her brother Linus was born in 2019. Will that make the father of today’s family tamed in the future?

Celebrating in front of Süd: Großkreutz with his daughter Leonie after the DFB Cup match with Uerdingen against BVB

Celebrating in front of Süd: Großkreutz with his daughter Leonie after the DFB Cup match with Uerdingen against BVB

Photo: Agence France-Presse

The ups and downs: Kevin Grosskreutz’s career has been a rollercoaster—but it’s never been boring.

Jürgen Klopp named Grosskreutz a ‘BVB legend’ two years ago. He was touched by tears and to this day he loves to show his love for the local club, sometimes too much: during his short time in Istanbul, the defender would go to Dortmund every weekend. The homesickness of the city and his family was too great. With no matches appearing for Galatasaray, Grosskreutz left the club less than six months later. The Ruhr region didn’t really let him go.

World Champion, Twice German Champion, DFB Cup Winner, Champions League Final, Twice Super Cup Winner: Kevin Groskreutz was able to celebrate the greatest successes that can only be achieved in German football practically in the living room. Today’s amateur footballer was either loved or hated, and there was no middle – his appearance was very polarizing.

Grosskreutz will continue to appear regularly at the beloved Signal Iduna Park in the future. No longer on the field, but in the southern stands – where it all began.

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crazy singing
Grosskreutz sings a song for Dynamo Dresden fans

Source: Instagram / @fischkreutz, BILD

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