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“What would you say, Alice?” Written on a sign in front of the entrance to the Alice Salomon Hochschule (ASH) in Hellersdorf. What will you say Alice? Next to it is another one: “Giffey not Welcome.” Dozens of students are sitting on the floor everywhere. It’s Monday morning and the start of a week of celebrations for Alice Salomon’s 150th birthday.

Descendants of an important social reformer were invited, as well as directors of archives and various institutions who are looking for her character and work historically. The governor’s mayor, Franziska Jaffe (SPD), is the salutation and can actually be a consensual and festive event. But Jiffy’s appearance was met with resistance from students.

After ASH President Bettina Wolter opened the event in the university’s main hall, Jeffy took the stage. The students had previously informed Walter that they were against the visit of the SPD politician. “Because of your policies, racist statements and actions, which exacerbate social inequality and severely harm marginalized groups, we feel compelled to demand that you, as management, rescind Mrs. Jeffrey’s invitation again,” he said in a letter to the university’s president.

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They also explained that Joffe is calling for “a deportation hostile to human rights to the countries of Syria and Afghanistan” and may fail to acknowledge the structural defects of people of immigrant background.

Out of consideration for the Salomon family, demonstrations were organized only in front of the building

Völter was able to agree with the students that they would protest only in front of the building, and not in the Audimax, in deference to the family of Alice Salomon, who had come from Great Britain and Israel to attend the ceremony. In addition, a meeting was organized between the student representatives and Jeffy right after their talk.

In her welcome, Jevi makes conflict a problem. She believes that it is good to have critical students and hopes for a good conversation. Then address the sign. What will you say Alice? “You may be pleased that, after 800 years of the city’s history, a woman has become the ruling mayor.”

In fact, Salomon fought for women’s rights all his life. In 1906 she received her doctorate with a thesis on inequality of pay between women and men – even before women were formally accepted into Prussian universities. Born in Berlin in 1872 to an educated middle-class family, Salomon grew up at a time when women were not allowed to vote, but increasingly rebelled against their social restrictions. She arrived at the university and, after receiving her doctorate, founded first the Women’s Social School, which provided interdenominational training for social professions, and then in 1925 the German Academy of Women’s Social and Pedagogical Work. The first research center for social work in Germany.

Alice Salomon was a woman of resistance

In 1933, the Nazi regime forced Salomon to resign from all of her offices and close the academy. Under the National Socialists, she was considered “alien to the people”. Also due to her Jewish origins, in 1937 the Gestapo forced her to leave the country within three weeks – or else she was threatened with a concentration camp. Salomon immigrated to New York via England. She remained largely unknown there and died alone in 1948.

What is certain is that Alice Salomon was a resistant woman who was simply not satisfied with the current situation. And I tried to turn it for the better from different angles. As a feminist, researcher, pioneer, supervisor, and caring volunteer. across all sides.

After Jeffie left the stage, she sat with five students in the student café “Frei_Raum”. The daily mirror can’t be there. Later, co-author Mark Scott, who studies social work at ASH, said, “It wasn’t a great conversation. You don’t have to imagine it that way. We’ve asked Jeffy several times to step down as governor.” Scott says he didn’t feel that Taken seriously by jeffy.

Group photo of the grandchildren of Alice Salomon and Petra Bau, Vice-President of the Bundestag.Photo: Michael Schaaf/ASH Berlin

“She doesn’t know the reality of social workers. He has no idea what it means to continue to disappoint the people she works with.” Because there is no place to live, no money and, for many, very little to eat. While Jeffrey and the students argue in the café, Alice Salomon’s grandchildren sit on the platform at the university.

Salomon’s great-granddaughter niece also came

Eldest niece Eva Jacobs tells of the memories of Salomon that have been passed down by her family for years. She was a loyal daughter. An impressive person who “affectionately took care of her sick mother and at the same time founded the first school for social workers and wrote books for her.” In the rows in front of Jacobs sit her grandchildren, the twin, 19 – applauding. At dinner, one of the two, Zoe Jacobs, said her great-aunt particularly impressed her as a young woman. as a role model.

Do you also study social work? After all, her great-aunt, as the founder of social work, played a major role in turning volunteer work, which women in particular did in addition to housework, into a profession. Maybe she wanted to follow their lead? No, Zoe says and laughs. She studies marketing communications. It may be the exact opposite of what Salomon did. And she might only be able to do that because women like her aunt, many years ago, advocated for other women to learn what they wanted.

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