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April 5 2022
Although I was only in Erfurt last week, I feel like a good month has passed since then. But here I am again – this time not for reading, but for a musical project.

Something was wrong with my Google Maps app, but I immediately knew how to find the guest house I was going to stay in – it’s right across from a house with the beautifully drawn Ukrainian flag in the window.

Because of the war, my “Old Stones, New Sounds” project is getting smaller now

On the way here, I phone a fellow German DJ who ended the call in Ukraine last year and is calling me to share his displeasure and sympathy with me. He wants to say how much he loved Kyiv at that time, how excited the audience was and how terrible it was for “my people there”.

I am tired, I agree with you, but I do not move to tell him that the war has arrived here also and is directly affecting my German colleagues. This also applies to my project “Old Stones, New Sounds” in Erfurt: in fact, the six of us should have been working on it this week, but unfortunately our colleague Lysek Omodada from Ternopil, Ukraine, cannot be there.

Leszek plays the TikTu trio – three, maybe four years ago, at least before Corona, he wrote to me and asked if I could recommend a club in Berlin, the band was planning a European tour and was looking for a performance opportunity in the German capital.

We didn’t meet each other in person, but I knew TikTu, loved their music and played it right away. The band actually played at the Panda Theater, but unfortunately I missed the concert because I was on tour myself. Contact with Lysek continued.

The recording studio Shpytal Records opened in Ternopil, Western Ukraine, and became more active as a sound engineer and music producer. He has worked with some of the best Ukrainian acts, including the winner of ESC Jamala, as well as Brat, Love n’ Joy and Zapaska.

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In 2021 mix and perfect the album “Foxtroty” which we recorded with Serhij Zhadan. I was very happy with the result and when we finally met at the first live show of Foxtrotty in Kyiv, I invited him to participate in my new project.

However, Lesik will not be able to share the Erfurt Zughafen stage with us on April 7. Instead, send a video message that we will display on the screen. In it he shows his studio, where he works on our tracks, as well as his basement, where he has to go when the sirens warn of air raids. Until recently, Ternopil survived the Russian missiles, but a few days ago there was bombing there as well.

Lysek Omodada in his recording studio in Ternopil.Photo: special

“We still have an internet connection and a mobile phone here, but every single second of us stop communicating with relatives and friends from Russia. This is because they do not believe us – instead, they trust propaganda that deprives Ukraine as a nation and seeks its immediate and total destruction. Many people In Russia they do not believe the Ukrainian media, but also the world media, that their country is attacking. This is how it seems. Ukrainians volunteer, take care of each other, receive them, feed them and save each other – with the sole aim of surviving – this means winning this war. Because the loss will be Our death.”

Together with his colleagues, Lysek has just founded the “Musicians Defend Ukraine” Foundation with the aim of making donations to Ukrainian musicians who have been unable to play music in recent weeks and have had to defend their cities. Now I know where to donate next.

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