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Which piano is suitable for beginners?

Installation piano for beginners It is not easy to find. There are a few things to consider before spending a lot of money on something that doesn’t work for you and doesn’t suit your situation. When you’re finally clear about which beginner piano will be right for you, it’s time to buy a piano. But first some standards and differences for piano for beginners.

What you should consider before buying

If you are a beginner and want to buy your first piano, you should not rush into anything and think in advance about the perfect piano for you.

housing condition

Your living situation plays a major role when buying a piano. If you do not have enough space for a piano, you should look for an alternative such as a keyboard.

There are small and large piano models. Before you buy, you should know how much space you have. You should also calculate the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe stool.

Neighbors are also affected by the purchase of your piano. Some tenants may also specify times when musical instruments can be played. These criteria must definitely be observed.


Depending on your requirements and interests, you should invest more or less money in playing the piano. The cheapest option is more suitable for beginners.

A good used piano starts at around 1,000 euros. Even after purchase, additional costs may arise.

If you want a piano teacher or books and sheet music, you have to factor in the extra costs. Repairs may also be required for musical instruments such as the piano.

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Standards for a good piano for beginners

If you have been thinking about playing the piano for a long time, you should get a good beginner model.

The piano used is not always an advantage. If you have to decide to use a piano, you should first get a general impression of the piano. Rust, mold or uneven arrangement of switches is prohibited here.


The acoustic characteristics of a piano are important to the feeling of playing, which is why it is best to try different pianos in specialized stores.

piano for beginners

The sound of the piano should be just right for you.


The quality of materials and workmanship of the piano also play an important role in the buying process. Cheap machines sometimes have flaws that are not obvious at first glance.

Digital piano for beginners: purchase criteria

Compared to acoustic piano, digital piano has some advantages that are more suitable for beginners.

For example, if you have neighbors who may complain about the size of the piano, buying an electric piano is more beneficial. Compared to an acoustic piano, the volume of a digital piano can be adjusted and you can connect headphones to it.

Digital pianos are also cheaper than acoustic pianos. Cable and power are essential for a digital piano.

Also, you don’t have to tune the digital piano because the tones are generated electronically.


Keystrokes must be light and precise. As a beginner, you first have to get used to pressing the keys. Thus, the perfect digital piano for beginners can organize it using a weighted keyboard in the settings.

piano for beginners

Fingers should normally get used to pressing the keys.


At first, it’s best not to have a lot of controls. Switching sounds during the game should be possible, for example. Controls should also be placed within easy reach.

Some digital pianos have an integrated automatic accompaniment that is well suited for beginners.

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Pianos for Beginners: Best Pianos for Beginners

The following pianos are best for beginners. They impress with special features that make it easy to start learning to play the piano. Some of these digital pianos can be connected to an educational app via a smartphone or tablet.

We have compiled a selection of exciting tools from manufacturers known for their durable products and good value for money.

Piano for beginners Casio PX 870 Privia

Casio PX-870 Previa

This electric piano is especially suitable for beginners. With 60 practice pieces and 19 sounds, you can try your hand at playing the piano. E Piano has 88 keys and has the ability to create audio recordings and play audio. Sheet music stand and power source are included, so you don’t have to worry about too much equipment.

Street price: €949

Yamaha YDP-S54 Beginner Piano B

Yamaha YDP-S54B

As a beginner, you can use this piano to enjoy full sound even at a low volume thanks to the Intelligent Acoustic Control (IAC). With the “Smart Pianist” app, you can control and play the piano via a graphical interface. Thanks to the built-in library, you get access to 10 demo songs and 50 piano songs. A CFX concert grand piano was also sampled for a meaningful sound.

Street price: €1099

Piano for Beginners - Casio PX-S1100

Casio PX-S1100

The Casio PX-S1100 is a compact digital piano, which is very easy to use. The sound mode function as well as the extended Bluetooth audio and MIDI functions make this piano a good model for beginners. Chordana Play is especially suitable for learning music tracks. In the 3-step learning system you have the opportunity to practice cutting there. With the AB repetition function, you can also learn complex sections at your own pace. With the scoring system, it is also possible to view your progress.

Street price: €649

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Piano for Beginners Kawai KDP 120 B

Kauai KDP 120 b

The Kawai KDP 120 B is a beginner-friendly model in the world of digital pianos. With the help of “PianoRemote” application, you can play and control the sound and settings of the digital piano. If you want to play notes practice pieces and listen to them through the piano speaker, you can do so with Kawai’s “PiaBookPlayer” app. Piano functions make playing and practicing the piano easier.

Street price: €949

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Piano for Beginners - Alesis Prestige Artist

Alessis Prestige Artis

Compact digital piano is ideal for beginners. With 30 built-in instruments and five different reverb effects, it offers numerous functions for piano beginners. The Prestige Artist features a learning mode that splits the keyboard into two areas. They sound just as loud – perfect for students who want to accompany their piano teacher or play a duet with someone. You can also easily select and change settings on the OLED screen.

Street price: €524

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Piano for Beginners - Yamaha b1 PE

Yamaha b1PE

If you want to spend more money on piano, you should take a look at Yamaha b1 PE. With the piano, you have the option to connect headphones thanks to the “Yamaha SILENT Piano” technology. It’s cheaper than other pianos on the market, but still meets Yamaha’s standards.

Street price: €3690

Piano for Beginners - Thomann DP-51

Thoman DP-51

The digital piano is equipped with 60 practice pieces, perfect for beginners. Features like dual mode and split mode make playing fun. The Forty Tones provide the sounds of piano, strings, and grand piano sounds. Connection to a computer is also possible through USB and MIDI connections.

Street price: €649

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Whether you choose an acoustic piano, a hybrid piano or a digital piano – not only the price is decisive, but also the other factors mentioned. You can’t buy a piano overnight, but if you stick to these standards, things won’t get much worse.

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