Over and over again from the start – sports

by Heike A. Batzer

Sisyphus must roll a rock over and over again. A mission that never ends and always starts from the beginning. Martin Wilde is somewhat similar to the tragic character from Greek mythology. He is a handball coach in the third division team Fürstenfeldbruck, and for years he has worked to create great young handball players from young talents, thus arousing the desire of the clubs of the higher tier. Then he has to give up his best and roll the stone again. “It’s always frustrating not being able to keep players,” admits the 43-year-old, who holds an A. Now the situation is particularly depressing. Six regular players will leave the club within two weeks when the season is over. That’s an exceptionally large number, and regardless of the Korbinian Lex – the 30-year-old captain is retiring – they are all advancing to the top. Stefan Seitz, Max Horner, Tim Kaulitz, Benedikt Hack and goalkeeper Louis Oberusler are only 19-23 years old and now want to join the clubs in the first and second Bundesliga.

In their final third division home game against Oppenweiler/Bucknang, which the Brooker Panthers won by 40:27, thus securing a key place in the DHB Cup main round for next season, they are told bye. Spectators, who are allowed to return to the auditorium after Corona restrictions and try to remember the joyful mood of the period before Corona, greet them one last time. Minutes before the end of the match, they get up from their seats and accompany the final scenes of the match with incessant applause. Stefan Seitz has already been linked with first division team HC Erlangen this season with the right to play twice and will only play for the Franconians in the future. Max Horner (Lubeck Bad Schwartau) and Benedikt Haack (Rimbar) are moving to the second tier, Tim Kaulitz is also said to have options from the Bundesliga, and Luis Oberusler can’t or doesn’t announce his new club yet. According to SZ information, it is the first division club Bergischer HC.

Coach Wild knows that interest from other clubs is also confirming his work

The young handball players from Fürstenfeldbruck had already caught their eye in the second division season a year ago. It wasn’t enough to stay in the league at the time, but the competition showed its respect for the Brucker Panthers’ accomplishments time and time again. For years, the Martin Wild team has been distinguished by the fact that they are always ready to push their limits. Rarely does a game get involved in which nothing ever wants to succeed. Returning to League Three after relegation, they rocked their group with nine straight wins. “The first half of the season was great,” Martin Wilde says. He also attributes the fact that there was insufficient participation in the promotion round in the end to the large number of Corona cases in the team at the crucial stage of the season. But the renewed rise in terms of staff and finances has been difficult to manage. For years, the top-ranked handball club in southern Bavaria has tried to improve its financial base in order to make professional handball possible at some point on a permanent basis. The Corona period was a setback.

For Coach Wild, it’s starting over in the third tier: acquiring new players, and getting used to them in the league. Valentin Scheele (right wing), Marco Silvestri (left wing) and Ivan Bilic (goalkeeper) are new arrivals from TSV Munich-Aalach’s youth team, which also includes Seitz and Oberusler. Yes, Wilde knows he has a lot of work to do. The risk is that Al Shabab may leave the club again soon. But he also knows that “this speaks in our favour.”

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