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We help families plan their free time. These are our event tips for anyone with kids – as always, a little sorted and rounded up with a special tip. We’ve picked and sorted here – the full range is available online at augusto-sachsen.de

for all the family

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chick! – Made of porcelain

The chicken symbolizes the morning and is the most common livestock among humans. No wonder animals also play a role in the design of Meissen porcelain, after all there are three chickens for every inhabitant of the planet! This made them one of the first animal figures produced by the factory. In the form of magnificent floor figures on large court tables, poultry once gave a preview of the delicious content, but today they can also be found in detailed animal portraits and in numerous groups of figures illustrating the living environment of popular animals. The special offer is only available from Thursday.

Open on Sundays from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the world of experience Haus MEISSEN

chick! – Made of Porcelain in August events calendar

Short and sweet through a special exhibition “Sandstone, Starfish, Dinosaurs”

A short and concise guided tour for the whole family through the special exhibition “Sandstone, starfish, dinosaurs – Saxony in the Cretaceous period” with Jens Czossek, exhibition organizer and head of the Department of Geology, Museum der Westlausitz Kamenz.

Sunday at 11 am and 2 pm at the Westlausitz Kamens Monastery Museum

Short and sweet with the special exhibition “Sandstone, Starfish, Dinosaurs” in the Augusto event calendar

bee diary

The documentary offers an interesting insight into the lives of insects. Fittingly for this coming spring, the film tells the story of a diary of a bee and gives us new insights into its world. The thriller is told by the voices of Anna and Nellie Talbach. A special movie not only for beekeepers and entomologists but for young and old and for the whole family.

Sunday at 3:30 pm at the Ebersbach-Neugersdorf . movie theater

Diary of a bee in Augusto’s calendar of events

Flea market in “Löbauleben”

The doors of LÖBAULEBT are open on Sundays and all flea market enthusiasts are welcome. It wasn’t just club members who made room in their lockers. “There are also many books (and other things) on our premises which we would like to give away for a small taler. Of course we look forward to speaking with you,” the association wrote. The proceeds will be donated to a charity in Ukraine.

Sunday at 2 pm at Löbauleben eV at Bahnhofstraße 26, Löbau

The flea market near Löbau lives on the Augusto . event calendar

The legendary nature market in Krasic

This market, popular with young and old, is taking place for the 67th time in the center of the upper border town of Lusatia. 35 regional merchants of natural products display their wares in two large car parks (Karasik Museum and City Hall). In Ratskeller there are dishes typical of linen weavers, and in the Karasek Museum you can delve into the days of thieves, smugglers and fishermen.

Sunday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Karasek Museum in Seifhennersdorf

The legendary nature market in Karasek in the Augusto . events calendar

For music lovers

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The Discovery of Phil: Two Hands on Eighty-Eight Keys

At the family party, Malte Arkona takes young and old on a journey of discovery into the world of classical music. The Dresden Philharmonic Orchestra can be heard, Boris Giltburg plays the piano and conducts Tung Chih Chuang. Excerpts from Piano Concerto No. 2 by Sergei Rachmaninoff will be played in C Minor (1901).

Sunday at 11 am in Kulturpalast Dresden

Discover Phil: Biden on Eighty-Eight Keys in the Augusto Calendar of Events

Newly hatched on the trail of a beaver

There is great excitement, Maria Papillon finally hatches from her egg. There’s so much to get ready for witch Hilary and Mr. Rosner, it’s almost like a butterfly kite birthday party. The two are very excited to see what the new Maria will be like. Despite all the preparations, the hunt for the beaver must, of course, continue. Can friends finally find out about a beaver with his help? At the 4th Youth Concert, you will discover “Hached on the Trail of a Beaver”. There is first class musical entertainment with “Sully Pushpin” and “Church of Good Hope”

Sunday at 10 am at the Gerhart Hauptmann Theater in Görlitz

Newly hatched on the trail of a beaver in the Augusto events calendar

Watch, wonder and laugh

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Cooking Wolf and Knitted Grandma

After the wolf ate the grandmother in the fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood, all the wolves were shot. Now there is another wolf family in Lusatia and they have to find their way in the new age. One morning, the youngest wolf cub crawled out of the cave and took the public bus to Intenvitz without a ticket. There he walks to a farm to satisfy his appetite. But they read that animals do not shiver with fear. A assertive duck explains to him, “You are a primitive beast of the jungle and you will end up in a cooking pot if you don’t learn to read.” A wolf in school, how is it supposed to work?

Recommended from 4 years old, Sunday at 11 am at the Tom Bowles Theater in Bern

The Cooking Wolf and the Knitted Grandma in Augusto’s Events Calendar

The Holly Theater presents the show: Casper visits Little Red Riding Hood

Who does not know the story of the little girl who goes to the forest to visit her sick grandmother and meets a wolf!? True, everyone knows this (see above). PAUTZINGERS PUPPENBUEHNE presents these classic fairy tales from the Grimm collection of fairy tales in a loving and funny way for children and families. Kasper is also part of the game to catch the wolf. Will it work…it’s worth stopping – or are you afraid of the wolf?

Recommended from 3 years old, Sunday at 3 pm at Max Jacob Hohnstein . Theater

Holly’s Showtheater: Kasper Visits Little Red Riding Hood on Augusto Events Calendar

KIKILI – Children’s cinema in Lingner Castle

Due to illness, there is a change in the program: “The stars of animated films of yesterday and today” are being shown: at the beginning of the cinema, the little devil invites you to a happy film festival with a lot of pancakes. The Kikili has chosen a great movie program and looks forward to having visitors dress up in funny costumes.

Recommended from 4 years old, Sunday at 11 am at Lingnerschloss Dresden

KIKILI – Children’s cinema in Lingnerschloss in the Augusto . event calendar

puss in boots

Once upon a time there was a mill who had three sons, a mill, a donkey and a cat. When the miller died, the eldest got the mill, the second got the donkey, and the third got the cat; He had nothing else left. Then he grieved and said: What happened to me badly, what should I do with the hangover? “Listen,” began the cat, who understood everything, “just let me make a pair of shoes so that I may go out and see among the people, and then you will soon be helped.” Annekatrin Weber uses imagination, dolls, and impressive photographs to tell us how Puss in Boots cleverly managed to make his master count and marry the princess.

Recommended from 4 years old, Sunday 4pm at Burgtheater Bautzen

Puss in Boots in the Augusto event calendar

special advice

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Searching for the worm

Everything is just about ready: rod, landing net and bucket, everything is there. But is there still something missing for the big fish to bite too? Taste right. What could be more appropriate for this than a worm! Where do you think the worm is hiding? Underground, in the book or in the pond? This worm seems to feel at home anywhere. Well, the impatient hunter imagined it differently. Because instead of relaxing on his journey, he chases after the shy worm. Maybe he could lure him with an apple? Even a bird’s pointed beak could not bother a worm. With all the confusion, the hunter does not even notice what the worm is trying to show him. Maybe he needs to listen better to see what’s really going on. With a lot of wit, fun, and imagination, the doll engine checks out exactly where the worm is.

Recommended from 3 years old, Sunday at 11 am at Gerhart-Hauptmann-Theatre Zittau

Where does the worm live in the Augusto events calendar

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