Labor Day dedicated to culture and cycling

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May 1st in Greifswald: Labor Day dedicated to culture, music and cycling

Greifswald.Festival atmosphere in the market square and a touch of the Tour de France in Schonwald: With the Alliance Cultural Festival “Greifswald for All” in the city center and the City Hall bicycle festival in Schonwald I on May 1, residents of Greifswald marked the weekend as many visitors familiarized themselves with In the stands, they try hands-on activities and listen to concerts.

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Read more after the announcement

The organizers are satisfied

“It’s an image of an entire city congregating here. Old and young, people who are new here and long-time residents of the market. We are so glad we put the business into today,” said Anne Wolff of Action Alliance. After breaking Corona for two years, the organizational team wondered what If thousands of people will come to the event again.Because of the large number of visitors, one sees oneself emphasizing at work.The motto of that day was “Solidarity, Peace and Universality”.

On stage there was music by bands such as “Restposten” and “Les Bummms Boys” and rappers from “Hinterlandgang” as well as political speeches. Associations and initiatives such as the Value Action Alliance, Amnesty International, Strazy House for Culture and Initiatives, and the Islamic Cultural Center presented themselves on the catwalks. The SPD, the Left, the Green Party, the Animal Welfare Party, the Free Democratic Party and the CDU all set up their own positions.

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Trade unionists demand higher wages

“I am happy with the colorful picture here on the market square,” said Volker Schulz, general director of the German Trade Union Confederation for West Pomerania. DGB is part of the organization’s team. Schulz renewed his call for a wage increase in Medium Effort and encouraged all employees with a view to the current labor council elections to create a business council where no one yet exists. Andreas, 33, from Greifswald was at the market with his child and wife and lauded the good show for families. “The music is definitely a reason to visit too,” he said.

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At Schönwalde I, cycling was the focus of the Stadtwerke Bicycle Festival at the Möwencenter. In different age groups, children, youth and adults compete among themselves in races over distances from 300 meters to 63 kilometers. Lomonossowallee has been partially closed for this purpose.

Cyclists flock to Schönwald

Neil Noelken, 36, of Neunkirchen chose the 25km race for the hobby drivers and was happy that bigger events were happening again after Corona’s two-year hiatus. “There is something here for everyone and all ages. My son has tried a lot of shows,” she said.

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Read more after the announcement

In the bleachers, kids can build birdhouses, try a carousel, or ride unusual bikes like the ‘Half Bike’, which is steered only with your legs. A team from Rewe Market provided food and drink, music bands from Musikfabrik Greifswald such as “Dr. Triangle “Stand on the stage.

125 City Cycling Teams in Greifswald

“It’s good to see an event like this again after a two-year hiatus,” said Stadtwerke Managing Director Thomas Prauße. “This is a special offer because many licensed drivers are also participating and a racetrack has been set up in the city. And through the site in Schönwald, we go straight to the people.”

The festival marks the start of the nationwide “Cycling in the City” campaign, which Greifswald is participating in for the eighth time. Teams of two or more teams run as many kilometers as possible in three weeks. 125 teams are currently registered. The campaign states that everyone can contribute to climate protection, and is looking for the municipality with the most cycling kilometers in total and per inhabitant.

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