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It will probably always remain a secret in the beautiful world of football cliché: why a team often seems so long and hard to get a ‘can opener’ but then, when it finally finds it, standing in front of the open can for ages without ‘the lid is made on it’.

On Saturday (even if that sounds painful), Half Belkahiye’s shoulder was the aforementioned opening in the third division match of TSV 1860 Munich against already relegated TSV Havelse, at least that’s what Belkahia himself called his shoulder when he scored the opening goal in the 51st minute scored. Corner kick. According to coach Michael Kollner, Marcel Barr made it 2-0 after more than half an hour (82nd place). In the end the score was 3: 0. But between the first and second goals, there was a lot of tension, the worry that because of the unfair 1-1 draw, “You have to pull the face,” said the coach.

“I told the assistant several times: This is not a friendly match!”

Kollner also blamed the referees for this outstanding game. Because of their position. “I told the assistant several times: This is not a friendly match,” the 52-year-old explained. Just don’t whistle for a bug here and there because presumably the game isn’t about anything anymore, no: “This is tough professional football!” As he made the referees aware of this view, Kollner saw the yellow card – the only one in the game.

The recently revised season goal of fourth place, which qualifies you for the next DFB Cup competition, is boosted thanks to the win, yes: in theory a third place is possible because Kaiserslautern lost surprisingly to second-place Dortmund. In front of 48,000 spectators (1:3) – what Kollner predicted. However, the Palatinate will now have to lose their last game of the season. Marcel Parr is more or less likely to become the third-division top scorer after two goals – he also scored 3-0 (89th) – as he now tops the list alone with 19 goals. The stalker Paris Atik from the following opponent 1. FC Magdeburg is currently injured. “Once you get there, you want to stay there,” said the attacker.

Parr’s success has several special features: Stone will provide the best striker in the league for the second time in a row – with different players. Last summer’s bar came up with the name Sasha Mulders, yeah, what exactly? addition? successor? Since Mulders had to leave at the beginning of December and Kollner dedicated the game to the newcomer, Sixty has been the first team again. The team actually scored nine more points in the second half of the season than in the first half of the season. The coach rated Parr’s success as: “We work as a team and our game works.”

Elf Kollner himself asks the coach’s open question in an amazing way

Kollner also highly praised opponent coach Rudiger Zell. Develop players with mediocre potential. Modest means is also an issue at Sixty, as the question of training for next season remains unresolved. Colner obviously wants a little more modesty, a little more depth for the band and a little more quality. “In the end, the ideas have to match – otherwise it will be incompatible.” Mismatch.

After the 3-0 win over Havels, Kollner amazingly outperformed the coaching staff. There are many other things that are more important, which he is also right in principle: that Svend Fredericsi, who has been driving about sixty for many years, is in mortal danger after a heart attack, and Boris Becker has been sentenced (which Kollner considers a mess). ), that the federal government sends weapons to Ukraine, although in the past few decades “there has been no assistant in the federal government” has taken care of the warlike countries of Asia or Africa, he has also taken up all this in the dressing room – how unimportant future coach please?

The game and Köllner’s verbal sweeping attack also showed the real problem of the 1960s: They’re very good at opening barrels. Put the lid on, there is often a problem. In one game, but also in general. For example, the realization that he was no longer working with top scorer Mulders may have led to consequences too late. The team struggled against Havelse for so long because they played “inaccurately” (the bear). This was especially true for the last pass and shots. Technical insufficiency is often the cause. With some points potentially missing as a result, Kollner cannot put a lid on the execution of his contract until the summer of 2023.

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