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Long Faces: Grimmen out of competition at Kultur-Campus Nordost

grim.The city of Grimmen emerged as the site of the future Kultur-Campus Nordost. The choice fell on Ribnitz-Damgarten. On Friday, a nine-member jury decided that Amber City should go to the next round for a federal and state Academy of Art and Cultural Education seat.

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Read more after the announcement

The idea comes from Verein Opernale e. V. and the Opernale Institute with headquarters in Jager (Municipality of Sundhagen) near Grimmen. Three communes were in the final round, with Ribbenitz-Damgarten winning the lead ahead of Anclam and Grimmene.

Dimly disappointed

“We in Gremen are very disappointed,” says Mayor Marko Jans (CDU). “We were really hoping our city would get a contract, but of course we also knew it wouldn’t work,” Gans says. But now, unfortunately, the exact opposite is happening again, Mayor Grimen cannot fully understand the decision.

Read more after the announcement

Read more after the announcement

On the other hand, the joy in Ribnitz-Damgarten is great: “We are very happy that the jury chose us,” Ribnitz-Damgarten Mayor Thomas Hoth said after the decision. The commitment of the Ribnitz-Damgarten participants, especially the staff of the Office for Education, Tourism and Culture, has paid off.

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In the past two years, Opernale-Verein has prepared a preliminary feasibility study in collaboration with the Regional Planning Association of Western Pomerania and submitted it in June of last year. This was so compelling that another feasibility study could be started – with a view to verifying the estimated costs of €30.5 million at a particular site. In order to locate this site, all interested municipalities in the area of ​​the Regional Planning Association, with the exception of Greifswald and Stralsund, were invited to apply.

This is how the decision was made:

In the first phase, seven applications were received from six municipalities, which the project team evaluated using an extensive application matrix. The three most favorable candidates advanced in one round: Anklam, Griemen and Ribbenitz-Damgarten. They pitched their concepts immediately on April 26 and a decision was made on Friday.

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Read more after the announcement

Decisive factors were the property’s potential, accessibility, and landscape appeal, as well as the municipalities’ own ideas and commitment to implementation. In the end, it was a stark decision between Anclam and Ribbenitz-Damgarten, with the town on Reckknets eventually winning the bid.

Henrietta Simsdorf

“We are very pleased to have found a location for the academy in Ribnitz-Damgarten that radiates to both parts of the country,” said Henriette Sehmsdorf, Opernale-Verein’s technical director. “The city’s remarkably high commitment to cultural education and the first steps already taken toward the cultural campus have convinced the majority of the jurors,” added Maria Magdalena Schweigermann, president of the Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania Choir Association. Previously, the Voorpommern-Rugen County Council voted in favor of creating such an academy by a large majority.

How to complete now

The feasibility study for Kultur-Campus Nordost estimates the cost of the project at approximately €30.5 million. In the next step, another feasibility study tailored to Ribnitz-Damgarten will be prepared. The general concept of a state academy must be adapted to the location at the Stadtkulturhaus. The local ideas developed so far will be incorporated.

Funds should be acquired by the end of 2023, planning and construction should take place in 2026/27 and transition to the Academy of Arts in 2030. Funding has not yet been clarified. Regular support is also essential for ongoing operations – the feasibility study assumes that just over €300,000 in subsidy is needed. This support must be borne by the state in the first place.

Read more after the announcement

Read more after the announcement

By Almut Jekyll and Robert Niemeyer

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