Greece 2022 Vacation Book: What Travelers Need to Know


Greece Holiday 2022: What travelers need to know

Do you yearn for beaches and sunshine? Then to Greece. We will tell you how much it costs to rent a car and accommodation in the summer and what Corona rules currently apply.


Jan Fryberger

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Greece is one of the best travel destinations for Germans, and not without reason: the country enchants travelers with its beautiful bays, the second longest coast in Europe and numerous sights. Many holidaymakers are expected to visit Greece again this year. Holidays in Greece will thrive in the summer, according to Christine Heinen, a spokeswoman for the German Travel Association (DRV).

Book an all-inclusive holiday in Greece – pay attention to it

Crete, Rhodes, Mykonos, Kos, Corfu, Zakynthos or the Greek mainland: in 2022, major German tour operators will offer guided tours of all popular travel destinations in Greece. Due to the Corona pandemic and the war in Ukraine, DRV advises travelers to choose the usually more expensive Flex tariff when booking.

In the event of an infection or an escalating war situation, you can cancel or rebook the flight at short notice and do not have to bear the costs – depending on the provider without giving reasons, free of charge or at an additional cost.

Greece vacation: the expensive trip

The war in Ukraine is currently causing crude oil prices to rise. This can also have an impact on airline ticket prices, because kerosene, jet fuel, is also made from crude oil. However, it is not currently possible to predict exactly how airline ticket prices will develop.

Whether prices will rise now, later, or not at all, says DRV spokeswoman Kirsten Heinen. The effect on airline prices is therefore very individual. According to the expert, package tours have proven price stability in the past. This varies with individual flight seats.

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How much will a car rental cost in 2022?

When booking a rental car, vacationers can get away with it relatively cheaply this year. According to the comparison portal, the average car rental price in Greece in spring is 33.43 euros per day.

For comparison: in Spain, travelers have to pay an average of 61.39 euros, and on the holiday island of Mallorca, the average price is 77.82 euros – an increase of 106 percent compared to 2021!