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NDR Kultur broadcast an instrumental concert of the Kyiv Symphony Orchestra live from the Dome Hall in Hanover. The orchestra tours all over Germany for a week.

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By Ralisa Nikolov and Marcus Stabler

The war in Ukraine threatens not only the people, but the local culture as well. The Kyiv Symphony Orchestra, one of the country’s most important orchestras, has been touring across Germany since Monday. The first solidarity concerts were held in Dresden, Leipzig, Berlin and Wiesbaden. Now the orchestra is coming to the north.

The orchestra, under the direction of its Italian conductor Luigi Gajiro, and Ukrainian violinist Alexei Semenenko as soloist, performs works by such important Ukrainian composers as Maxim Berezovsky, Miroslav Skorik and Boris Lyatushinsky – along with the wonderful “Boyim” composed by Ernst. For a diverse musical culture, conductor Luigi Jagero: “I have discovered many amazingly wonderful composers that I did not know before. I think there are many names to be played more often.”

Ukrainian composers: a familiar musical language

the program

Maxim Berezovsky
Symphony in C major
Ernest Chausson
Poème for Violin and Orchestra in Flat Major Reference .25
Miroslav Skorik
“musical composition”
Boris Lyatushinsky
Symphony No. 3

Alexey Semenenko Violin
Kyiv Symphony Orchestra
conductor: Luigi Jagero

Straight from the Dome Hall in Hannover

A very familiar musical language hides behind these names unknown in the West. The Short Symphony by Mozart’s contemporary Maxim Berezovsky is a lively and practically energetic piece that was only rediscovered much later, in the archives of the Vatican. The piece, simply called Melody, was written by Miroslav Skorik, the youngest of the three composers born in Limberg in 1938. Created in 1981, this romantic music quickly became so popular that no one can tell if it was an older folk tune. much.

Boris Lyatushinsky, who likes to be described as the “father of Ukrainian music,” is ten years older than Dmitriy Shostakovich and had to contend with similar repression and censorship under Stalin as his fellow Russian composer. After a short period of relaxation, Lyatoshynskyj was repeatedly asked not to make his music too paradoxical but more optimistic, including at the conclusion of the Third Symphony. The Kyiv Symphony Orchestra plays with Luigi Guglio, the first version. A touching symphonic drama in which tragic and comforting moments stand side by side, just as in life.

The Kyiv Symphony Orchestra also plays in Hamburg

After performing at the Dome Hall in Hanover on April 30, the Symphony Orchestra from the Ukrainian capital will play at the Elbphilharmonie on May 1. The concert at the Hamburg International Music Festival marks the end of a week-long tour of Germany.

Bass players of the Kyiv Symphony Orchestra playing on a square © picture alliance / NurPhoto |  Maxym Marusenko Photo: Maxym Marusenko

My voice: Luigi Guglio: concerts by the Kyiv Symphony Orchestra (11 min)

The costs of the event in Hamburg are covered by private sponsors, and all proceeds go to “Bündnis Ukrainehilfe Hamburg”. An association of Hamburg-based companies and initiatives that support Ukrainians seeking protection quickly and unbureaucratically.

Concerts that benefit benefit should be a sign of hope

In addition to this humanitarian assistance, which is currently the focus, Elbphilharmonie director Christoph Lieben-Seutter has other goals in mind with the concert: “To help Ukrainian musicians be able to perform again, to get paid for it. In the same Time – and this was very important – bring a Ukrainian musician group with you. Three composers will be performing, which is very exciting. There is a great musical history in Ukraine with many names that we were not familiar with. So it also brings us closer to Ukrainian culture “.

Bass players of the Kyiv Symphony Orchestra playing on a square © picture alliance / NurPhoto |  Maxym Marusenko Photo: Maxym Marusenko

My voice: Lyubov Mozorova on a charity tour of Ukraine (8 minutes)

In addition, the concert should be a sign of hope, assures Lieben-Sutter: “Yes, we very much hope that this concert will be a signal far beyond the Elbphilharmonie, and that the voice of Ukraine will be heard. Interested, if possible, many Ukrainian citizens will be invited So it will definitely be a very special moment when you can enjoy great Ukrainian music with Ukrainian friends at the Elbphilharmonie.”

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Kyiv Symphony Orchestra © Dmytro Larin Photo: Dmytro Larin

One of the most important orchestras of Ukraine is touring in Germany. NDR Kultur broadcasts live from the dome hall. more

The stage of the Ukraine Advantage Concert at Kulturwerft Gollan © NDR

SHMF, Kulturwerft Gollan and JazzBaltica raised donations for people who fled Ukraine with a concert. more

Benefit Ukraine Concert with Kyiv Symphony Orchestra

NDR Kultur broadcast an instrumental concert of the Kyiv Symphony Orchestra live from the Dome Hall in Hanover.

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