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There’s little that hasn’t been told about Stephen Baumgart this season. His passionate way of training, his brilliant athletic success, and even a simple swap deal with his flat hat: It’s all been chewed up more than once. But in this 32nd match, when he played 1. FC Köln at FC Augsburg, Baumgart actually performed a new ministerial piece.

On Thursday in the pre-match press conference, Baumgart revealed nearly all of his personal plans: how he intends to replace the suspended yellow card Salih Ozkan, why that would require a switch to 4-4-2 with Diamond and that the only question remains, who he will become. The second striker alongside Anthony Modeste.

Cologne fans asked about Laola’s wave while waiting for an interview on the sidelines: coach Stephen Baumgart.

(Photo: Matthias Balck/dpa)

The pick for the job finally fell on Saturday to Jan Thielmann, 19, who had already scored as a clown in the 3-1 win over Armenia Bielefeld the previous week. Lo and behold: The match in Augsburg was less than 12 minutes old when FC took a 1-0 lead through Jan Thielmann. After the match, Baumgart didn’t say much about the young shooting star at the front, only saying, “Like all the other guys, Jan Tillmann showed a good performance and was rewarded today.”

valid warning

In the end, there was no need to hide the position of the second striker, after all, the well-known offensive forces are reliably responsible for the goals this season. In the run-up to the match, FCA coach Markus Weinzerl repeatedly warned the duo of Anthony Modeste and Mark Uth. The warning soon turned out to be well-founded: Oth made it 2-0 (15) – after a pass from Tillman – and Modest scored in the second half to make it 3-0 (63, penalty kick) and 4:1 (77) cleared off steam. .

Augsburg’s Florian Niederlechner tried to play the team’s striker with his goal (73), but Modeste quickly managed to control the situation and easily stopped the rebellious hosts. So the Cologne festivities can begin, although they have already begun at the fifteenth minute: in the guest building, more than 2,500 Cologne fans have been singing about their very beautiful city, the Carnival and, of course, the European Cup, since the early double whammy.

Convenient progression by six points

No one who watched the Cologne fans in Augsburg on Saturday needed a particularly big imagination to imagine what the metropolitan communities of London, Lisbon or Milan should prepare for next year. If that really happened and FC was allowed to go to Europe. The chances are now excellent: with their fourth win in a row, Union Kölner outperformed Berlin and finished sixth. Since seventh place would also be enough for international business due to the constellation in the cup final, Domstädter’s lead over non-European places is now a comfortable six points.

People wanted to party so much, Cologne residents sang half an hour after the match in the now-abandoned Augsburg Arena – including a 100-meter wave by Laola with coach Baumgart, who was waiting for an interview on the other. side of the square. FC could theoretically sell 200,000 tickets for the home game against Wolfsburg next Saturday. The Cologne party weeks have just begun.

They wished to hold similar ceremonies in Augsburg, though, despite the apparent defeat, the direct landing seemed to succeed. Ten minutes before the end, despite their team’s blatant lack of opportunity, all the Augsburg supporters stood and applauded – only to remain in ignorance shortly before the end after Stuttgart’s late equalizer against Wolfsburg (1-1), at least in theory. Coach Winzierl was disappointed with the result, six points off the relegation rank, but didn’t want to leave any doubts about the basics: “We haven’t done it yet, but we’ll make it in the next two games.”

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