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Not only soldiers are dying in Ukraine, but civilians as well. It appears that it is not only inadvertently the result of bombing, shelling or recoil. All facts point to torture and shootings taking place in Bucha and elsewhere. That’s terrible. This no longer had anything to do with acts of war between enemy forces. It is terror to intimidate and demoralize the population, but also to punish them for delaying resistance to the aggressor. US President Joe Biden is no longer talking about war crimes, but about genocide. In doing so, he embraces the choice of words used by the Ukrainian government — and so does Putin. There is a risk that this will fuel conflict.

Not all war crimes are genocide

The term genocide or genocide refers to a criminal offense in international law. It was coined by attorney Raphael Lemkin to bring proceedings before the court that “destroy in whole or in part a national, ethnic, racial or religious group as such.” And now the simple question: is this happening in Ukraine? From what we know: No!

Not to use the term genocide is not to downplay the incomprehensible suffering of the Ukrainian people. Russia uses its weapons mercilessly. The new commander is the highly decorated General Alexander Dornnikov – he was responsible for the destruction of Grozny and Aleppo. President Zelensky compares the siege of Mariupol to the siege of Leningrad. What is meant by this is the voluntary acceptance of the death of large sections of the civilian population as a result of the blockade. However, the Wehrmacht never negotiated escape passages. About 900,000 people were killed during the siege. A horrific war crime. Fortunately, the situation in Mariupol is far from that.

The ideological charge of language

But there is more to it than just knowing the most appropriate word to describe the consequences of war. It comes down to asking yourself: What’s the quickest way to end a war? The verbal armament we are currently seeing does not help here. exactly the contrary. How are the warring parties supposed to sit at the negotiating table when they call themselves genocide. Yes, Putin has begun to cover his aggression with a veneer of philanthropy and a sense of justice. But we must not get caught up in this ideology and misuse of language. Anger is cheap now. What we need is a strategy to get Putin to end this war.

Fear of accountability

Putin and his henchmen have realized that they are isolated. People die because of them – their soldiers, but most of them are Ukrainians. Because the restoration of “Russian lands” proves to be a brutal war of conquest. Russia denies all war crimes. No willingness to form a joint committee to investigate the allegations. Instead, it’s only slogan propaganda from the West and Ukraine. If you are innocent, you will act differently because you know that objective investigations can prove your innocence.

War crimes are a widespread indictment – they turn rulers into pariahs from the international community. This means that they have to fear not only being ostracized as war mongers, but also being prosecuted as war criminals. And not from Russia, from which their own apparatus of power protects them, but like the Serbian or African rulers of the International Court of Justice. In other words, before judges who can actually hold Putin and his minions to account.

Get Putin to the negotiating table

So why are we talking about genocide then? This accusation may tempt Putin to become more isolated. Because it is no longer a question of exposing individual crimes, but of placing this war as a whole on the same level as the Holocaust or the Armenian Genocide. Such an accusation reinforces Putin’s perception that the West is waging war against Russia.

If Putin is stuck in a stalemate, it is dangerous. He has no more options for action. He must end the war, no matter how many casualties, whether on his part or among others. Thousands of deaths do not count for him, only his fate. For Russians and Ukrainians alike, this means that the Kremlin is waging this war regardless of losses. No, it seems absurd, even immoral, to do everything to bring Putin back to the negotiating table. But it may save lives. A goal not to be underestimated.

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