NHL League Final Playoff Round – Jose with 96th point – Nashville vs Colorado – Sport

NHL Final Qualifying Round – Josie with 96th – Nashville vs. Colorado – Sport – SRF

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The predatory captain is skating again. Minnesota takes home playoffs, Carolina meets Boston.

In the NHL, the regular season was pretty much complete on Friday night — Sunday’s final game between Winnipeg and Seattle was no longer relevant. With Romain Jose, Kevin Fiala and Nino Niederretter, three Swiss are vying for the Stanley Cup.

Josie ended his regular stellar season with 96 points as the top scorer: Byrne defender Colton Seasons gave the assist to score a 1-0 win in Nashville’s 4-5 defeat to Arizona. Josie is the first defender to break 95 points since Phil Husley (97 points) in 1992/93.

Nashville bet on a 4-0 lead early

Meanwhile, the Predator failed to feel satisfied with the playoffs, losing a 4-0 lead to the bottom of the Western Conference (with Janis Moser, a 4-4) assist, which they had already captured in the first round. 7 minutes. In the playoffs, the Tennessee franchise meets conference winner Colorado Avalanche.

Minnesota at home, Carolina vs. Boston

Villala, who was once without a point scorer, secured home rights in the first round of the playoffs with Minnesota thanks to a 4-1 home win over Colorado. At this they meet St. Louis Blues.

Winner of the non-playable Metropolitan Division with the Niederreiter, Carolina has to deal with the Boston Bruins.

The other Swiss:

  • Pius Sutter wins the Detroit Red Wings 5:3 away against the New Jersey Devils. The former ZSC player made 3:4 in the meantime, while Hischier provided the assist on the other side.
  • Timo Meyer failed to score in San Jose’s 3-0 loss at Seattle Kraken Arena. Same goes for Phillip Kurashev of Chicago (2-3 next in Buffalo) and Columbus Dean Kokan (3-5 in Pittsburgh).

Clincher duels in overview

Florida Panthers –

Washington Capitals

Toronto Maple Leafs –

Tampa Bay Lightning

Carolina Hurricanes (with bottom rider) –

Boston Bruins

New York Rangers –

Pittsburgh penguins

Colorado Avalanche –

Nashville Predators (with Josie)

Minnesota Wild (with elephant) –

St. Louis Blues

Calgary Flames

Dallas stars

Edmonton Oilers –

Los Angeles Kings

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