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Alina Bronsky has been a hugely successful bestselling author since her first novel, “Scherbenpark”, came out. Her new novel “Schallplattensommer” about the extraordinary girl Maserati has been published.

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by Katja Esbach

Maserati is about seventeen years old and runs a restaurant in an unnamed village with her grandmother who shows the first signs of dementia. Maserati used to get noticed because it’s the only girl in a ten-mile radius. If writer Alina Bronsky were to describe Maserati in one word, she would “proudly” say: “She certainly does not want to appear helpless or needy, even though her life situation is difficult because she wants to retain her pride and dignity,” explains Alene Bronsky.

Maserati hides a mystery. She has no internet, no smartphone, she no longer goes to school and doesn’t let anyone near her except her grandmother. Until the appearance of Theo and Caspar, his cousins ​​from a wealthy family had moved into an old villa in the village. Both boys are definitely interested in a Maserati. And Theo in particular is dangerously close to her secret.

Grabbing something at his feet, Theo picked up a large plastic bag and pulled out a cylinder of vinyl. A girl’s face is depicted on the cover, his right half melting into the dark. The one on the left rested on what looked like the back of a dog’s head, but could also be a stuffed wolf.
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The girl on the cylinder cover looks like a Maserati, and Theo’s curiosity rocks her life. Alina Bronsky is a great storyteller. Unsentimental and free from kitsch, describing the difficult living conditions of Maserati, the search for its place in life and its desire to hide from the world. Bronsky’s language is emotional in a realistic way, if not quite as bold as in her other novels.

Alina Bronsky often writes about people who don’t really belong. But she wouldn’t call them strangers: “I certainly don’t look for strangers specifically. But of course, as characters in a novel, I’m interested in people of all ages who live in special circumstances. Special circumstances also mean you have the feeling that you’re alone with me,” Bronsky said. .hence the feeling of loneliness, that feeling of being an outsider.”

Maserati also does not feel like it belongs and reacts with anger and rejection from the whole world. The author writes about it in a pretty atmospheric, if a little superficial way. This is at the expense of the graphics of the characters which remain a bit pale. “Record Summer” isn’t an easy summer novel, even if the cover suggests it. But the love story, says Alina Bronsky: “I think I always write love stories. With each book I have the feeling that this is what matters most to me. Often this is lost in the readers’ imagination or there are other things that seem more important to them. “

Summer Record is a novel that touches young and old alike. Young people find their doubts and fears, but they also find hope. The book brings older readers back into a world full of questions, longings, and possibilities.

summer record

by Alina Bronsky

page number:
192 pages
youth book
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14 years and over
Release date:
April 13, 2022
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