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Thiago Alcantara has won everything there is to win as a footballer. However, it was often viewed critically. That is now over because the Spaniard is finally untouchable.

There are very few players like Thiago Alcantara. Perhaps he was born with talent, as his father Mazinho became world champion with Brazil in 1994. With Thiago also, it was clear early on that he had what it took to be world class. Two-footed, technically perfect and exciting positional play are just a few of the traits that describe the midfielder. But what distinguishes the strategist more than other footballers is his amazing look and sharp passing that is second to none.

Thiago and Santa Claus

He was not forgotten when he once played the ball “blindly” to the left side in a Bayern shirt because he guessed a teammate from the corner of his eye. His teammate may just have been an animated Santa in an outdoor ad, but it shows the Spaniard also seems to have his eyes in the back of his mind on the football field.

“He is the body of ball safety. He creates extra gaps with his movements and embodies the art of high football. I don’t know how many eyes he has in his head, but what he does is unbelievable,” fellow enthusiast Joel Matip recently said. football table.

And what does Thiago himself say about his style? The Liverpool star explained in an interview with 2021: ‘I hate modern football, I’m a little more classic’ Sueddeutsche Zeitung. Above all, the game maker misses fewer “magic moments” and tries to keep that “magic” alive through his game. But his playing style also ensured that he was often viewed fairly critically.

Professional debut in 2009 with FC Barcelona

After making his Barcelona debut under Pep Guardiola in May 2009 when he was aged 18, Barcelona extended the contract with the youngster for four years in 2011 and Thiago has also been part of the permanent squad extended since then. However, he often couldn’t get past the illustrious duo Xavi/Iniesta and it sounded like he wasn’t good enough for Blaugrana. Especially after Guardiola’s resignation, it seems that officials were not fully convinced of the national player’s capabilities.

The result: In 2013, Thiago was allowed to move to Bayern Munich for just €25 million. The low fees came because Barcelona simply did not pay any attention to Thiago’s staff. If a noble technician is left on the field for 30 minutes in only one additional match, then a penalty clause of 90 million will be applied. But Thiago missed the necessary 60 percent after at least half an hour of play and the Spaniards had to sell him to Munich for a fraction.

“Tiago or nothing”

Once there, fans and analysts alike were fascinated by the skills of Guardiola’s dream player. His saying “Tiago or nothing” now enjoys semi-cult status on Säbener Straße. But even at Bayern Munich, more and more critical voices have risen over time. No one doubted Thiago’s talent or rank, but several injuries continued to bring the midfielder back.

In addition, he had to endure the accusation that he was diving too much into important matches in the Champions League and not delivering his performance. However, he remained in the Bundesliga for seven years and finally bid farewell with the long-awaited handle bet. In the 2020 Champions League Final, he was the thinker and driver in Bayern Munich’s match against Paris Saint-Germain, and along with top scorer Kingsley Coman, he was the deciding man to achieve the second treble in the club’s history.

Outstanding in the CL Final against Paris Saint-Germain

He was right about that too Sky Note 1, but if many of the critics were okay, Thiago would have been on the bench at the start of the match. Instead, Juhua Kimmich, who assisted at right-back for injured Benjamin Pavard, was scheduled to play at HQ. Not deterred by coach Hansi Flick, he trusted Thiago and repaid it with his best performance in a Bayern Munich dress.

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The 31-year-old then looked for a new challenge after winning every conceivable title with the Munich team. A year before the contract expired, he let German record champion Thiago move to Liverpool for around €22m. There he set a new record in his first game. He came on as a first-half substitute in the 2-0 win over Chelsea and made 75 assists for his teammates – a feat unparalleled by any substitute in the Premier League.

Critics are silent

But Covid disease and a knee injury led to Thiago’s return. He was only able to attack again in the second half of the season and also played a key role in catching up with the Reds, who managed to qualify for the Champions League at the last minute.

However, there were some critics who doubted that a passing machine like Thiago could really play to its strengths in Liverpool’s pressing factory under Jurgen Klopp. However, there are fewer and fewer of them this season and they should have finally been silenced at the latest after Thiago appeared in the Champions League semi-final against Villarreal. Tiago was celebrated by the international press daily Mail He wrote, for example, that he was “untouchable” when he caught the ball.

Player of the match against Villarreal

In fact, it seems that at the age of 31, Thiago can touch not only the ball but also the standing for the first time in his career. Eight Liverpool players have been Klopp’s mainstay for months, marking the match against his countrymen in a way that a single midfielder is rarely seen.

Statistics of Thiago against Villarreal.© Sky

He was also rightfully chosen as the best player in the match against the conqueror of Bayern Munich. Also in the league in the tough game in Newcastle on Saturday (From 1:30pm live and exclusively on Sky Sport 1 HD) It will depend on the strategist. Klopp himself couldn’t fathom his distributor’s criticism anyway: “There are people who have questioned whether Thiago fits our playing style?” Yes, there was. The coach paused, then said, “Thank God these people don’t have an opinion.”

On the trail of Seedorf and Ito

However, Thiago’s performance will determine the further course of the Reds season. Thiago himself could put together more arguments for himself: if the LFC wins the Champions League, Thiago will be only the second player after Clarence Seedorf to win the first division with three different clubs. The Dutchman did this with Ajax (1995), Real Madrid (1998) and Milan (2003 and 2007). Thiago himself was able to win the handle of fate in 2020 with Bayern as well as in 2011 with Barcelona.

And if Liverpool “dust off” the Trophy, the Championship and the CL Cup, Thiago will be only the second professional to do so with two different teams. To date, Samuel Eto’o is the only one in this rating. The Cameroonian managed to deal with Barcelona in 2009 and Inter in 2010. Thiago is now on his way, but this is not really surprising, because: there are very few players like Thiago Alcantara …

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