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After a year’s vacation, he returned to Formula 1, drove the car – and immediately defeated his new teammate Mick Schumacher (23). Shortly before the start of the season, the Danish Kevin Magnussen (29) replaced the Russian Nikita Mazepin (23) in the Haas team, which the racing team separated from after the outbreak of the war of aggression from Russia to Ukraine.

Sport Bild: Mr. Magnussen, your predecessor Nikita Mazepin brought Haas a lot of sponsorship money. What do you bring to the team?

Kevin Magusen (29):Bad humor and bad body odor (laughs).

And success! I finished fifth in the first race, the best Haas team finished in four years…

That was cool, but it was only possible because the Red Bulls came out. Ferrari, Red Bull and Mercedes teams in their own league. Our goal is to be “the best of the rest”. Seventh place behind the six pilots on the top teams feels like a victory. It’s the same in the World Tag Team Championship. We want to be fourth. This would be a universal title for us.


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Were you surprised you were so good right away?

semi-approval. Especially because of the neck muscles. I trained that year without the cockpit, but the pressure in the car is so great that my body just gets used to the forces while driving. When I found out a week before the opening race in Bahrain that I was supposed to race, I immediately started doing the fitness sessions. It helped somewhat. After the first two races, I could barely raise my head.

How did you feel when Team Leader Gunther Steiner called you?

He got right to the point and asked me, “Do you want to go back to Formula 1? And are you ready for that?”. Not having to think for a second, I immediately said yes. After that I called my wife and asked her permission.

Isn’t this the wrong order?

Maybe (laughs). But I taught her kindly. She knew that this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. In fact, I’ve already discontinued Formula 1.

How was your first contact with Mick Schumacher?

good. His first words to me were “Suck my balls!”

In German: “Suck my egg…!”


That was a reference to your struggle with Nico Hulkenberg after the 2017 Hungarian Grand Prix when you told him that…

Yes, Mick has a good sense of humor. From that moment it was clear to me that we would have a good relationship. Mick is very cute and very comfortable. He does not pretend and is not aloof. This is of course not an issue for Formula 1 drivers. I respect him a lot

But a teammate is always the number one contender.

Of course I want to finish in front of as many drivers as possible in each race. The same goes for Mike. But the top priority is the well-being of the team. I know it sounds like a cliché, but I absorbed the team spirit during my time off through the birth of my daughter and other racing classes we competed in together as drivers. Don’t get me wrong: I don’t actively go to Mick and show him all my information. But if he asks me, I will share all the data with him and will always give him an honest opinion.


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A rarity in Formula 1.

I think we all benefit from just this. Of course, internal competition pushes you – but it also takes a lot of strength.

How do you see the evolution of Mick?

He is an excellent driver. Many say he is in Formula 1 only because of his last name. this is not true. He has withstood the stress that his name brings and causes. Don’t win races or race series with your last name. He has won in Formula 3 and Formula 2. He has earned his place in Formula 1. Mick is getting better every week and has already reached a new level in the first races of the season. He will get his first points in the near future.

Have you learned anything from Mick yet?

His way of working. Like his father Michael, he is very meticulous. Seeing Mick pay attention to every little detail is impressive. But we are different types. I pay attention to details, but I feel a little more comfortable. It comes with time. Experience makes you take things lightly. But you don’t have to be naive and think that you know everything and this experience will take care of everything. I take a closer look at Mick’s data and listen to him as he gives feedback on the car and how it feels.

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