Everything you need to know about Diablo Immortal – Edition, Cost and Gameplay

Diablo Immortal’s release is fast approaching and many fans are wondering: will there be a beta release before then? How much does the game cost me? And what is the gameplay anyway? MeinMMO answers the most important questions.

With Diablo Immortal, the popular RPG series is officially coming to iOS and Android mobile devices for the first time. Moreover, the game has become a real MMO and wants to tempt you with many new features.

So you know exactly what to expect and when you can finally get your hands on the new Diablo, we’ve collected all the important information about Diablo Immortal here for you.

Please note that most of the information here is based on information from the most recent beta or interviews as of April 7, 2022. We will update this article as new information becomes available.

Diablo Immortal: FAQ – The most important information at a glance

What are the costs?

Diablo Immortal is completely Free2Play, but it has a store in all tests so far. Prices are not final and may be modified prior to release.

Is Diablo Immortal Coming for iOS or Android?

Immortal will be playable on both iOS and Android devices. PC emulators are not banned, but they are not officially supported either.

What is the form of playing?

Despite its many MMO elements, Diablo Immortal is still an action RPG at its core. 6 known classes of Diablo 3 are available at release. There are already a number of gameplay videos from previous tests.

All you need to know about Diablo Immortal in 3 minutes

diablo immortal release date

When does the immortal diablo come out? Diablo Immortal director White Cheng has confirmed several times that the game will be released in the first half of 2022. This means that you will be able to play before July.

There was already some kind of leak. When Immortal was available for pre-order on iOS, June 30 appeared as the release date. However, that date was only supposed to be a placeholder, according to Diablo boss Rod Ferguson.

However, we think the date fits the release well. Diablo Immortal already feels quite complete and just needs polishing. If there are no further complications, the launch should be around June.

Is there an open beta coming up and how do I get involved?

This is the case: The latest beta ran from November 2021 and ended in January 2022 with a broadcast unveiling the next step. However, there was really no new information.

Blizzard has so far been silent on the open beta topic. It is quite possible that shortly before the release there will be a beta for all interested parties, which will then smoothly transition to the final game via the soft launch. You can now register in advance:

Free2Play games are often based on this type of version, which is why it can also be imagined for Diablo Immortal. Since the developers attach great importance to feedback from players and want to implement this, an open beta will only make sense.

Diablo Immortal price and cost

How much does the game cost me? You can play Diablo Immortal completely for free. The MMO will be Free2Play, but according to current information it will have a store. There you can buy different items for real money.

In recent tests, some of these items were not purely cosmetic, but they did bring some benefits with them. For example, there are items that you can use to improve the loot of some content.

There is currently a lot of discussion in the community about the possibility of Pay2Win. So you should need about 40 years to get the best items. However, whether this applies to the release version is still open. Final prices and store contents are not yet known.

Do I have to pay According to the community beta testers, you don’t need the “best gear” to compete. There is harder PvP and PvE content such as raids, but the items found regularly are enough that you don’t have to pay extra for them.

Some grinding is necessary, but that belongs to Diablo anyway. If you push, you only get the last few percentages faster so you can still improve. However, this should only be crucial to a very few players.

Diablo Immortal also offers a Battle Pass which, according to the latest information, has a free track and a paid track. Here you can even earn certain content without paying.

Diablo Immortal slows down repetitive players so that casual players still have a fair chance at the end of the game

Immortal Diablo game and content

How does Diablo Immortal play? Diablo Immortal follows the tradition of the series and throws you into an RPG or MMO with an isometric (“indirectly from above”) perspective. You can control it either through your device’s touch screen or with a controller.

Currently you can choose from 6 well-known classes already in Diablo 3 and a possible additional class:

Contrary to what usually happens in Diablo and MMO in general, you don’t need alternate characters or “twinks”. You will be able to change your class easily. The gameplay of the content can be seen here:

7 Minutes Diablo Immortal – This is what a great new MMO looks like

Diablo Immortal Story: Cycle of Strife, PvP and PvE

What is the cycle of strife? Diablo Immortal’s biggest feature is the Cycle of Strife. Here are two factions fighting each other: the Immortal Ruler and the Attacking Shadows. The respective clans (guilds) fight for supremacy in massive PvP battles.

Every week, the better shadow clans could attack the ruling immortals. Then they compete against each other in teams. If they win enough rounds, they can attack Chief Immortals. In 30vs1, this becomes a true raid leader with special abilities.

If the shadows win here too, the battle of kings will decide who will be the next ruler. Contestants will receive a special boost that shows their skill. Immortals also have access to dungeons and special raids.

Few of you will see the best setting for Diablo Immortal

The Cycle of Strife itself is the actual story of Diablo Immortal. Immortals were deployed to protect the sanctuary. Let the shadows continue to test them lest they become arrogant. The whole story revolves between Diablo 2 and Diablo 3.

What content is there? Diablo Immortal relies on MMO content for all its features. Accordingly, there are heaps of content for groups. However, well-known content from the older Diablo parts also remains:

  • There is one campaign that is supposed to last about 10 hours if you run it in one go
  • Rifts and Kofgelder already accompany you when leveling
  • Paragon levels are back too
  • Dungeons are designed for 4 players
  • Raids for 8 players with different levels of difficulty
  • Immortals can visit raids for up to 48 players
  • PvP is a purely collective and clan thing – but it is also purely optional

As usual in Diablo, items can fall anywhere. Some activities generally have higher chances of getting good loot, but you shouldn’t be forced into PvE or PvP to get everything.

Many systems such as specific parts, model levels and above all social components still need to be tuned up to release and beyond. MeinMMO conducted an exclusive global interview with the Chiefs. There, White Cheng and Joe Group told us what would happen in Immortal:

Diablo Immortal Chiefs say “Diablo Immortal is a great and ambitious MMO”

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